Friday, April 29, 2011

what up big perm!


i am linking up with lauren at the little things we do for fill in the blank friday.

i am looking forward to...
getting an estimate on my back porch covering. i really have been doing some pondering and studying on this all week. after looking at my neighbor's and some others online i have decided to do more of and awning covering instead of a canopy. it might be around the same cost. i only wanna spend around $300 because I really need a new vehicle this year but i want to get this project done and out of the way first.
also for my haircut i am getting today.

something kind of embarassing that i still love anyways is...
cartoons. not just disney movies either. some of my favs to watch are the knock off type disney movies..the ones that aren't disney. some like once upon a forest, the secret of nimh, or ferngully ya know most of the grade d cartoon movies that you couldn't pay most people to watch..yep those kind. i love em! and i spend my money on em! and you can sip your haterade somewhere else.

my favorite car is...
an el camino. you know the exact one hyde drives. i'm not much of a car fan but i would definitely drive around in one of these babies..
but since i'm more of an suv type person i would say a a black range rover like this one.
but since i can't afford this one...yet. i would have to say the jeep wrangler. "they see me rolling, they hating" whooo I seen this dude the other day driving the exact one i want and i could not help but act like abu, from aladdin, when he sees the big red ruby in the cave of wonders. course, that dude thought i was trying to holla uh but no thanks i just wantch ya ride!

if i could pick one type of weather to live with for the rest of my life it would be...
70's duh! like, san diego's weather. best. weather. ever! nice and sunny during the day then the i-need-to-put-on-a-light-sweater at night. and the constant ocean breeze would be a plus. ahhhhhh, pure bliss.

my favorite thing(s) to do after a bad terrible day is...
smoke a cigar, cry, and just sit outside. probably all in that order, too. i'm a ponder-er (is that a word?) i think a lot. i get lost in my thought like no body's business. so just sitting outside in my backyard lost in thought while maybe smoking on honey soaked cigar (don't judge, i can give up nasty ole cigarettes any ole day but a fine cigar is easier said than done. i blame my old man years of habits. and i dont smoke them everyday...the last one i had was yesterday last week) and shedding some tears. hey, it makes me feel better.

this weekend...
i getta see my soulmate. we didnt see each other last weekend so we are dying to hang out and chillax. well, i am anyway. like i said, we didnt hang out last weekend and that is so out of the norm for us. cause we hang out every weekend, literally every weekend, even if it's just for one night. other people just dont understand our relationship...we "get" each other. yeah i believe you can have more than one soulmate...
while i also get to see the human Stormi i am also babysitting for the animal Stormy (momma's dog, literally) so finally Stormi and Stormy can meet face to furry face.
and i plan on buying these bookshelves i saw at target for a mere $19.99. yes, they are the kind you put together yourself and i'm sure if you knew me this might amuse you.

if i was a color i would be green because...
grass is green, trees are green, the outside wilderness world is green, i always recycle my pickle jars...making me 'green' speaking of pickles are green and pickles are the bomb! also we can't forget the lovely color of money...american money that everything that is green is awesome (including vegetables) and who wouldn't want to be awesome.

as you can tell i am in a very good mood this friday
have a wonderful weekend.
i cant wait to do absolutely nothing!

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  1. Visiting from Fill in the Blank Friday! I am with you, bring me to San Diego or bring their weather to me! Pure perfection.