Monday, April 18, 2011

My Movie$ Monday

Welcome back to "My Movies Monday" I am super glad i started this! I had a lot of fun picking out the movies, writing about them, and of course watching them.
I have 5 "new" ones for you today, enjoy!

This movie is so sweet. I am a huge Disney fan, so it figures they would make yet another movie I love. I am so glad Disney finally decided to do their own version of Repunzel. Everyone knows the basic story to Repunzel...ya know, girl lives in a tower blah blah blah she has really really long hair yada yada yada gotta climb her hair to get up the tower..BUT no one really knows much beyond that; i don't anyways. I guess Repunzel has never been a story i have read. Now i have read Rumpelstiltskin many times but honestly i didn't know much of Repunzel's background. I have no clue if Disney's version is anything like the "real" fairytale but i loved it! I absolutely love disney world magic! So, there is this "magical flower" (not to be confused with the enchanted rose) and it is the reason Repunzel has golden hair, magic hair, in fact. Unfortunately Repunzel is kidnapped by a mean old lady, who traps her in a tower. And then as you can imagine there is loads of adventure throughout the movie. And the music is absolutely amazing! I love Disney music! And who doesn't love Mandy Moore? (the voice of Repunzel) In my opinion, she was the best choice. Course, i would probably say that about anyone because I loved the movie that much! Aren't movie makers so awesome and talented? This movie was full of clever quarks...just think of all the crazy ideas they came up with using a girl with a 100 feet of hair. The ending is wonderful. It all reminded me of Anastasia which is another wonderful princess movie.
obviously i think you should see this one!
4011 stars!

I really still don't understand the big obsession over Miley Cyrus. Really? She is just not an actress. And i really don't care for her as a singer either; she sings through her nose. BUT this is not supposed to be a 'bash Miley Cyrus post'. As far as the movie, i really didn't like it all that much either. Basically, Miley plays this rough n tough teenager who has to stay with her dad all summer. Her dad who she hasn't seen in years because he left Miley and her cute little brother when they were young. Yes, i said cute little brother. This little kid can act let me tell ya. His crying skills were so professional. This movie is a sad movie. I didn't cry, surprisingly. Well, of course, the brother, dad and Miley all become super close by the end of the summer. Oh and there is a boy! And just like in every film they get into it and stop talking. (ooh surprise) Miley blows everything out of control when really it's not that big of a deal. Don't worry they always make up in the end, right? So, Cryus plays this tough role, she has this Ms. I Don't Give A Crap attitude. Half the movie she is wearing a cardigan & she has it hanging off one shoulder, all the time; knowing that is not comfortable! I guess she is trying to add to the "i don't care" look..and the amount of belly shirts she wore was seriously unnecessary. Can you tell that she isn't my favorite? I really did enjoy the little brother & i guess the movie did have a good message. It is sad. It's just a good movie to watch on a rainy day, i suppose. I mean i wouldn't recommend it to anyone but it wasn't the worst. And she didn't sing the entire movie like i was afraid she would.
221 stars!

Have yall seen the Pirates of the Carribbean movies? Awesome, right? My favorite out of the 3 i have seen so far is the second one, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest. This one has lots of action. And if i am going to watch a pirate film then that is the main ingredient. There is nothing i love more than shopping sword fights. I wish i knew how to sword day, hopefully. I LOVE pirates!! And i really love pirate books. I will admit i haven't seen very many pirate films but i have read tons of books about them..fictional and non-fictional. When i first heard of the P of the C I was afraid Disney would botch up piracy & make everything cheesy. I was so glad they did not. I think the second film has the most sword fighting and we get introduced to Davy Jones and his sea creature crew. The cast is extraordinary! You can tell each actor worked extra hard on their character. Also in this film you get to know the characters more and see their different personalities. I like to keep movies going while i do things around the house. I do that with these movies quite often. I am super anxious to see the new one with Penelope Cruz. Girl pirates are the coolest!
3211 stars!!

Back in the day when i had cable television i used to watch a ton of crime scene shows. Those were the best! I would daydream about being a csi investigatior. Although i could never do it in real life; i have thought about it. BUT after seeing this movie I now know there is no way! If you have a weak stomach this movie is not the best choice for you. It is brutal. But it is definitely one of those movies that you just can't seem to stop watching. It's intense. It immediately has your undivided attention like, Unstoppable. I guess Denzel can just hold his audience that way. He is one of my favorite actors, btw. I also love Angelina Jolie she is by far my favorite actress, she really is amazing. One of my favorite things about AJ is she is so diverse. She plays all kinds of different roles but one thing i have noticed is she plays a single woman in a lot of her films. I hate how they always make it seem like living by yourself is so horrible and lonely. There always has to be a scene where the single person fixes their meal and eats it alone at their large dining unrealistic. Knowing every person who is single eats in front of their tv. I don't think, no i KNOW i have never eaten a meal by myself at my dining table. Weird. Moving on...AJ plays an over-achieving cop who is stubborn & not really on good terms with anyone she works with. But DW comes into her life & changes everything. So, there is this awful taxi driver serial killer..seriously, i may never ride in a taxi ever again! I mean we really are insane for letting a total stranger drive us to our house...especially nowadays. OOohh creepy. Back to the plot, the serial killer, is purposely leaving clues for AJ and her team to find. And wow this creepy serial killer dude does some pretty gnarly things. Things that if you saw in real life you probably wouldn't be okay ever again which is why yours truly isn't in the csi field. This movie really is insane. You never know what's going to happen next. The end will blow you away! I liked it. But seriously it is brutal so watch with caution.
960 stars!

Okay so i didn't have to close my eyes at all while watching The Bone Collector but this movie, on the other hand, was a different story. Maybe because it is a true story about a man who has to cut his own arm off after a boulder crushes it. Um ouch! I have been seeing this movie out for awhile but have been too scared to watch it because i knew what it was about. BUT bff said it was really good and that i had to see it! And i am glad i did because if anything this movie had the best message of all. OOoh it's giving me chills just writing about it. And i should probably have watched it again before i did this review since i was doing laundry during the time and i was a little distracted. Anyways, So i didn't see much of the beginning but Aron is a hiker who goes on a hike one weekend but doesn't tell a single soul where he is going. As you can imagine this movie shows the fight to survival. Truly inspiring, really. I am not going to talk much about this one because it really is one you need to check out for yourself. I mean think about it.........could you cut your own arm off?? I mean i guess it would depend on the situation...of course I'm not going to be climbing around any big boulders.................or riding in any cabs..
327 stars!

Well, there you have it, folks.
Don't be afraid to rent 127 Hours like i was.
and it's okay to daydream about being a pirate.

"I'm deeply flattered, son, but my first and only love is the sea"
[pirates of the caribbean]

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  1. Loved your comments about the last song. SO funny and I agree. Pirates are my fav movies :) can't bring myself to watch 127 hours... yet!