Monday, April 11, 2011

my movie$ monday

Alright, my mom mentioned to me that i should start doing movie reviews on my blog. I love movies. I watch them all the time. Everyday, actually. Therefore, i usually can tell you if it is a good film. Of course i am probably biased because i love all movies, including the b, c, and sometimes the d. But i do love sharing my opinion and who knows maybe i can direct someone away from a really bad movie and push them towards a really good movie.

So i have started to do: "My Movies Monday"

I usually watch several movies throughout the week so i will only pick a couple. I will have the good, the bad & the ugly. Pretty simple. Plus, i know i will enjoy it.
hope yall do too.
here goes...

I think i have said this before but this is my favorite movie. I watch it a couple of times during the week and if i am feeling down this is my go to movie. Of course everytime i'm done watching it i want to go on a huge shopping spree...not good. I don't know what it is but something just makes me want to be the girl in the green scarf. So, if you love shopping! you'll love this movie. Just be prepared to want to go to the mall immediately after the film.
i give it 3,001 stars!!

First, i must warn you that this is a Russian film with English subtitles. Anyways, I will admit i was disappointed at first because i didnt know it was in Russian. But i actually watch all my movies with the subtitles just becuase i dont want to miss anything so it worked out. I actually really got into it. Basically it's your typical spiderman superhero scenario. About a poor boy named Dima. His father gives him a car for his birthday and turns out this car has super powers, like Herbie but better. This car can fly!! So Dima makes tons of money delivering flowers. Because he delivers them so fast he gets paid, good! Unfortunately just like Peter Parker's uncle Dima's father passes away. So of course to avenge his dead father he starts to fight crime with his flying car. And of course there is a girl, there is always a girl, right? Her name is Nastya. Her and Dima began to date but just like Mary Jane she is blinded for her love for the amazing superhero, Black Lightning instead of sweet Dima. Oh did i mention there is a bad guy? Just like the damsel there is always the villain. He wants the car for his own power to destroy the city. Tsk Tsk. I wont give away the end although you can probably guess what happens. The Russian language is beautiful and the setting for the movie, too. If you dont mind subtitled films then you should see this one. Plus it's very easy to follow. And you'll end up liking Dima way better than Peter Parker or Clark Kent.
I give it 438 stars!

When i see the name Jim Carey i immediately jump for joy! I love him. He is so funny. Plus i own a jillion of his movies & basically quote Bruce, Stanley, and Ace everyday. "Spank you very much!" But tragically Jim has crushed me with this horrific movie. DO NOT i repeat DO NOT rent/watch/touch the movie I Love You, Phillip Morris. The beginning was alright. I figured it was going to be a movie like Lets Go To Prison. Nope! It was awful. Carey plays a gay man. Gross. Enough said, right. It got way too graphic way too quick & the movie was immediately put back in it's redbox case. Thankfully i only paid a dollar and i can warn you people not to watch this movie EVER!! It was a disgusting waste of money and Jim's time. Really Jim? I was okay with you kissing animals but THIS was way over the line!! I cannot believe you would betray your loyal fans like this. No more prison movies for you! You took it way too far. Jake has yet to make it up to me; let's see if you can...
that is all.
i give it -2,485 stars.

This movie was funnier than i expected. And i liked it. It's the first movie I've seen with Rupert Grint playing someone other than a warlock. This time an assassin's apprentice. A clumpsy apprentice which as you can imagine was pretty funny. I haven't seen the "real" assassin in anything else. He was different. Just like any ole assassin i guess. (not that i would know) And then there was the lovely Emily Blunt who played the classy thief and the poor victim that Mr. Assassin and Rupert were trying to kill. It's quite funny. I laughed, anyway. Everything gets turned around and the trio have to work together in order to stay alive. You should see this one!
I give it 1,658 stars!

Now, go rent some movies this week and put these on you list. But remember dont even think about watching that creepy Carey movie...Yuck! it still gives me the creeps..........

"When I was 7 most of my friends stopped believing in magic. That's when I first started. They were beautiful, they were happy. They didn't even need any money, they had magic cards."

join me again next monday!
hope you enjoyed.
-the landlady-


  1. LOVE this! I am a movie fanatic too so I will be looking forward to this on Mondays!

  2. -2,485 stars... i love it haha