Monday, April 25, 2011

$mile. clap. repeat.

has anyone just had a no-good-very-bad-terrible-awful week? i'm sure we all have. that is exactly how my week was last week. it's like if something could go wrong, it did but in the worst way. i tried to stay positive but by the time friday hit i was a wreck! sooooo, i am determined to not let this week get to me like i did last week. cause nobody likes to have a no-good-very-bad-terrible-awful week, do they? of course not.

well, well, well, it looks like the rain isn't going to let up any this week.
but it is supposed to still be warm which is okay with me.
i am just super tired of the awful cold weather that i think it has a lot to do with my bad attitude.
((maybe i am just looking for an excuse))

moving on...

did everyone have a good Easter?
i took lots of pictures, which is out of character for me, and i will share them later on this week. 
and although i said wanted to wear a yellow dress i really ended up loving the dress i picked out.

sneak peak.

----i got my living room curtains in and i plan on hanging them up sometime this week----
yes!! i am super excited!!

okay, okay on to "my movies monday"

now, i decided just to do 3 movies this monday. i started to do 5 but these 3 were my favorite and they all had 1 common denominator:: CRIME

not that i am into crime or anything but i am into action movies. movies that keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation. and these 3 movies did just that. and the last 2 stories are actually true. true stories are always worth seeing in my opinion. they can really teach you something and open your eyes to the truth.
well, without further adieu...introducing:

i saw this movie when it was in theaters, nothing is better than seeing a movie for the first time on the big screen. this is a suspenseful on-the-edge-of-your-seat type movie. it starts of with a normal suburban family going about doing normal suburban things. then BAM the police bust into the house and arrest The Mom played by Elizabeth Banks. turns out she has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. life. can you imagine? one day everything is fine and dandy than the next your sleeping in a jail cell, talk about a wake up call. but did she do it? well her husband has reason to believe she is innocent. and he is not going to stand by and let his innocent wife rot in prison. so he plans an escape. escaping from jail is no easy feat, i'm sure. it takes lots of planning, lots of money, and a butt load of luck. this movie is high paced action throughout. it is definitely a movie you will want to see. Russell Crowe will stop at nothing to keep his family together. sometimes, you have to break a couple of rules, or in Crowe's case, all of them, in order to save yourself and the people you love.

who loves Hilary Swank? she plays amazing roles, doesn't she? from a never giving up boxer, to a hero pilot, to a school teacher, all the way down to a loving sibling who refuses to give up on her brother; even though everyone else has. and in all her movies i've seen she plays a real life person with a real life story. Conviction is about a man named Kenny Waters who is convicted of murder. just like in the N3D one of Waters relatives believes he is this case his sister, Betty Ann, played by Ms. Hilary Swank. Unfortunately Kenny spends 16 years in a federal prison while Betty Ann spends her life trying to get him out. You get to see the real struggle that these real people were put through. once again, can you imagine spending the rest of your life in a cage? and Kenny was innocent. there's a lot more to the story than him just being in who put him there? yeah, you have to see it! truly a heartbreaking film but totally worth seeing the fight one will take to keep their family together. and as much as i hate technology, it is the reason he is finally set free. alright, alright that is all i am going to say because you will just have to see the movie to get all the juicy details; remember it's a true story.

i cried and cried in this film. best out of the three for sure. this story is true and just like Conviction it is a sad one, only much worse. it is about a young african american woman raising her 4 children in the projects. in texas, and i'm sure anywhere else, the police would do raids on the projects, usually arresting around 40 or more people at a time. and half of them are guilty of Dee Roberts. She struggles to clear her name after the police wrongly accuse her of selling drugs in a school zone. after being given a crappy defense lawyer and a plea bargain up to 10 years in prison she has no other choice but to fight back in order to continue being a great mom to her 4 daughters. as you can imagine this is a fight for absolute survival. tears will be shed but the outcome of the movie is message for us all. i really love watching true inspiring stories, like this one.

well that's it for "my movies monday"
watch some crime movies this week. rainy weeks are always great movie watching weeks!

welp! i got my tax return in!!! finally and don't worry i already know exactly what i want to spend it on!!

i've seen this one at lowes and it even has a separate attachment so you can add curtains. this one is for $230 somthing dollars, which isn't bad at all!

i gave up Walmart & Target for lent. crazy, i have not been to either in 40 days/nights! so before i decide to purchase the lowes tent i might check out W and T just to see if they have something better.


the rest of the moo-la goes into the bank with my others savings so i can get........

oooh, ahhhh

hope you guys have a funday monday!!

"this country was built on half-assed schemes!!"

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  1. Loved this post! I need to check out the movies. can't believe i have not seen any of those 3! I have had a BAD HORRIBLE last few weeks. so i feel ya! super cute Easter Dress!! Here is to hoping for a better week!