Tuesday, April 5, 2011


so last week i was pretty busy.

last week i was swamped and i was only at the office for 3 days. last tuesday my dad and i met at his house to go through 273 different catalogs...okay maybe not quite that many but the stack did seem endless. we met at 9 am...okay okay it was actually 9:15ish because, that's right, i was late...oops. SOOO pop and i got right down to business and sorted through the "good" box and left the "crappy" box on the kitchen counter. We made lists, checked them twice, looked to see which companies were naughty and which ones were nice..working all the way up to lunch time. My momma made us soup and sandwiches and we continued to work on our little project. It wasn't until 4:20ish that we finally finished. Whew! I had sat in the same squished down chair for 8 or so hours...BUUTTT we had what we needed and i got to go on home. Then the rest of the week followed with me calling all 23 different companies and placing my first orders. 

i will admit i was super nervous. i HATE talking on the phone. The only people i do talk on the phone with are my mom, grandmomma, and occasionally Suzie Q from my dentist's office. But that's it. And now i had to talk to random strangers who were gunna ask me questions about abbreviated words that i know nothing about..i wasn't nervous, i was literally scared. BUUUUTTTT once again i worked myself up into a big worry wart over nothing!! Everyone was super helpful and way easier than what i thought. I still have many more to do but most of them are clothing companies...trying to save the hardest for last i guess. I've already been getting stuff shipped to Gameday.

I think Gameday and i have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes i loathe having to do anything with it. But sometimes i absolutely love the opportunity to share my opinions & creativeness..even if half the time i have NO CLUE what's going on..story of my life.

Now i by no means meant for this post to be me bambling on and on about Gameday..but why not? the store is about to go through some major changes and if you live in the surrounding area..or far away you'll want to come check it out..I'm super excited for our pet stuff to come! Come get ya dawg a jersey..and a matching on for yourself! Ha Ha Ha Ha.
okay okay enough about razorbacks..

last week i also re-decorated my sofa table, column table, and desk. All three of them look freaking awesome.........
that monday i read this blog post and it gave me inspiration. so immediately after work i went to the one and only..savers! i went in empty handed and came out with a basket full of promising treasures. AND i only spent $25.10!!!
alright here is the picture overload...

these are the two sofa tables before.

and the ta da da to the after!!

i hated how before everthing was too symmetrical. I tried to change things up by not having both lamps on one table and both plants on one table. i basically just moved different things from around my house and then added the different savers items i found.

this item was a savers find for only $4. i was going to spray paint it but once i got it home next to my chocolate brown walls i then knew NOT to paint it. i think the swirl-y-ness matches the swirl-y-ness of my green snail.

i saw these at hobby lobby a couple of weeks ago. I didn't buy them then because they are super pricey. The big one is $30 and the small one is $20 so i decided to wait and see if they would go on sale. And they did! So after the 50% discount i got this babies for around $23. I got the 2 birds 50% off at Michael's.

this little guy came into my possession a long time ago. 9th grade to be exact. I took drama tech that year and had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Valentine, she was indeed wonderful. Very strict..which is probably why no one else considered her their favorite teacher. but she always believed in me and gave me super fun projects. One was to clean out the old dressing room which was a thrift store in it's own. Consisting of thousand and thousands of costumes and million play props. So basically it was a junker's heaven. I found this cup while cleaning it out. And Mrs. Valentine let me keep it. I was actually the only one in the class allowed to keep something. Maybe that's why i liked her..obviously i was her favorite. Ha!
I've kept it on a bookshelf for years who knew i would use it one day as a favorite decoration piece.
alright i'm done bambling..again.

i got this cute idea over at this blog favorite and got the supplies from savers, spray painted it gold, and viola!! a cute fun frame. One small problem, my hot glue gun wasn't being very hot..probably because it is older than me..sooo i didn't get it to stick so the candlestick isn't attached at the moment. looks like i need to make a date with a new hot glue gun.

lastly i did my desk. I hadn't plan to but as you can tell it need it...badly.
what do ya'll think? Better, right. I still want to find some older books to put on my bookshelf instead of the teen library i have at the moment.

i also got this vase for $4. It need the paint job..bad. But after a good bit of gold spray paint it looks great!
love it.

i got the butterfly pictures from savers too. they were only 99 cents. The corks i had been collecting for awhile now and i just put them in a mason jar for a better look.

and of course since i was working in the kitchen, piper had to be in the kitchen also. I guess she got tired of me shooing her off the counter..there was no way i could do any shooing with her way up there. i swear she is so smart.

sorry for such a long post.

"I look rediculous. These jeans are elastic on the top. I feel like I'm wearing a condom on my stomach."
"Trust me, you don't look like you've been anywhere NEAR a condom."
[labor pains]

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