Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hopping down the bunny trail

i had a wonderful Easter this year.
i have such a wonderful (goofy) family.

iphone pictures, btw.

i need to stand up straighter...

momma & pops


(i couldn't resist..)

and lastly i will leave you with this..............

(click to enlarge)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, too!
Jesus has risen, that is wonderful!!

"I'm not great at farewells, so uh... that'll do, pig."


  1. Also! Goodness girl... You are in Arkansas right? these storms!! I am in TN, but hearing about all of them from my friends in Ar. Do you live close to Little Rock? If so they sell TOMS there! If you don't you can just go to the website and order them. I love them :) Hope today was the last storm day... at least for the week!!