Friday, April 22, 2011

fe$$ up!


i confess....

i have been drinking my weight in Red Bull this week. i don't know, maybe i've just needed the energy to get through this awful week.

i confess....

i am super depressed i am at work today......most people are not.
i am super super depressed cause i don't have much to do and it's super boring..
**sighs as she looks out window**

i confess....

i kinda wish it will rain tomorrow...

i confess...

i eat more candy than actual food
especially this week.

i confess...

that this is the story of my life...

do you have any confessions???

p.s. i confess that i think it is rediculous i don't get today off.
((i haven't done anything for the past 4 1/2 hours...))


  1. oh goodness how i love the honesty of this! i love the "when work feels overwhelming remember you are going to die" one. i had that up at my old office when i lived in Searcy haha.

  2. I wish we could be more like your lady who dosen't want to risk the hard work. Sleeping in sounds, and looks, heavenly.