Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On april 1st bff and i headed out of the little state of arkansas into the bigger state of texas. You know what they say "everything is bigger in texas" and they are not lying. Whew we had quite an adventure and i loved every minute of it.

first pic of the trip!!!
i was concentrating on the road..

"on the road again..i just cant wait to get on the road again.."
stormi's theme song for the trip.

we stayed in in a 5 star hotel........

The reason we went on this little adventure was to attend our friend and my old roommate's wedding.
After finally arriving in dallas we got lost for an hour looking for a hotel. Unfortunately we didn't go far enough down the freeway so we ended up staying in a little motel right off the freeway.

After getting a little lost again we finally made it to the actually wedding venue.

Tiffany looked absolutely gorgeous. She seriously looked like a "wedding chapel barbie" and stormi and i both teared up when she walked down the asle.

I loved the decorations. And the building was surrounded with huge windows so you could look out onto the dallas night skyline. So pretty.

we had to do lots of waiting. But it was cool being in a different state with my bestfriend.

i am telling you it was very pretty. they had a wonderful dessert buffet that i throughly enjoyed especially since we didnt have dinner before and the wedding started at 8:30.

after lots of waiting we finally got to see our beautiful best friend. She teared up when we saw her and that made the whole trip worth it.

i really wish we could've all "spent the whole weekend together"
it was so good to see tiffany. i really have missed her. we were super close when we lived together. she was my very first close friend at obu that i knew i could trust. i am so happy she is happy.

the next day we slept in till 9.
and headed back out on the road again...

first though we had to stop at
where we had a quick breakfast with our good friend Damien.
We hung out with him and our good friend David the night before and had so much fun talking about old times at obu where we all met.

on the road again..i just cant wait to get on the road again.

at all the 20 million gas stations we took a restroom break at we saw a huge stand of COTTON CANDY
It was so good too! and worth the $2!

well we had such a big time on our mini road trip to dallas that we will probably take more trips. maybe...we love our small safe arkansas..with hotels immediately in sight.

"Chlorophyll?? more like Boreaphylll!!"
[billy madison]

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  1. I love love love your Dallas post**

    Chlorophyll?? More like Boreaphyll!!! haha
    I will NEVER forget when I said that to Newton while we were riding 4-Wheeler! He is the only person in the world who doesn't think thats funny***