Wednesday, April 6, 2011

cute & chunky

Yep, it's that time again. Time for me to tell ya'll what i am lovin.....

i am lovin...yellow dresses!!

i'm thinking this year for easter i'm going to find me a fun springy yellow dress!!

i am lovin...that "rent week" is almost over. usually i have two days where i am swamped with tenants coming in to pay their monthly rent. don't get me wrong..i love getting to see everyone and hear what's new in their lives but it literally wears me out!! Whew!

i am lovin...that gameday superstore's renovation is almost done! Hopefully it will all be done today and we can open back up tomorrow. MJ and I are meeting up there today at 2 so we can clean up and get merchandise up...

speaking of merchandise i am also lovin...that gameday has already had several packages sent to the store full of brand new merchandise. [Whoop Whoop]

i am lovin...

spring, of course! Although it has stayed warm for longer than 3 days yet i am still super stoked that it is way warmer than the usual.

and with warmer weather means...i am also lovin...

the future prospect of a lively bike ride!! I have only gone out once this year and i am so ready for this to be back in my routine.

i am lovin...

my BFF. I'm hoping to go to hot springs this weekend and we can dance and bask in the beautiful sun.
we went to dallas this past weekend and had a freakin blast! i'm hoping to do a dallas post later on this week.

i am lovin...

my momma. We hung out and watched tv at her house last night. It was a lot of fun and she let me eat all her food!

i am lovin...that tonight is my 2nd week of my new bible study. Although i didn't do a very good job with staying on the devotion...oops! But i am already loving the study and i can't wait for Pricella's part of the study to start. 

and as always i am loving...

she is just so cute and chunky!!

-hop on over to jamie's blog and play along. (ha, that rhymed)-

"and the baby doesn't like gross weirdos, greg!!"
[labor pains]


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    Yellow is my favorite color so I'm loving those dresses!