Monday, April 4, 2011


yesterday i went...


my favorite.

for some reason i woke up on Sunday afternoon in the mood to SHOP!! now i had no plans to spend as much as i did but that "plan" never seems to work out for me.....
a couple of weeks ago i went with bff to McCain Mall and we did some shopping but i didn't really find much that day. McCain has never been one of my favorite shopping places. it's actually never even made it on the list of my favorite hot spots. Yesterday that all changed.

did ya'll know that McCain got a Charlotte Russe? Well, it did. And it is awesome. I have no clue how long it has been there but it's probably not a good thing that i discovered it. BUUUTTTT i don't care because i love to shop. and shopping makes me extra super happy! I'm always just in the best mood eva after a long successful shopping trip. And i am definitely on cloud 9 today!
i know you must think that i love love love Charlotte Russe and I! Yesterday was actually the very first time i have ever shopped in a CR. I've heard marvelous things about it from my friends in Fay but i have never actually shopped at one before. Oh Em Gee!!! CR has made it in my top 5 making the chart at #2.

I take the back way to the mall to avoid all that crazy madness that is McCain Blvd. Since they no longer have MM Cohns (spelling?) I decided to park on the side and go in through Sears. Yes, it's been that long since i've shopped at McCain...
This was a good idea. If i had parked in the front of the mall i would never had known about CR. The new CR is right outside of Sears. Perfect right? Easy way in, easy way out. Wow i got all kinds of amazing items!!
Ya'll have got to check out my new addiction favorite spot! I also went to Old Navy and found some more staple items for my wardrobe. You know the basics like undershirts and cardigans...Old Navy has the best selection for things like that.

CR had this little number hidden behind a huge rack of clothes. I saw it on a manniquin (spelling?) as i was checking out and i immediately told the sales girl i needed it in my closet. She agreed. I am wearing it today and i have probably gotten 11 compliments on it. It's definitely on of my new favorite tops.

isn't this CR top just wonderful! They had it in purple and blue as well but i decided to branch out and get this color instead since i already have so much blue/purple.

i found this crochet cardigan at old navy, it's a smokey gray color.

this is the top that pulled me into CR. I was just walking past and this little number caught my eye! They had it in black too but i'm trying to branch out and get colors that i don't have so i grabbed the coral! The tank top isn't connected so i could mix and match this with several different things.

old navy has the best selection for undershirts. if you know me at know that i have to wear an undershirt. I don't know why i just always have. And if i go without wearing one i will be uncomfortable for the whole day...
i needed some more because the undershirt thief had been to my house recently and stole all my good white undershirts. Just my luck O.N. didn't have any white ones in my size...sooo i got these 3. The brown was much needed. And the striped on was only $4.

i got this fun striped shirt from Old Navy as well. I really didn't notice until i got home that i had picked 3 coral colored shirts. I was pretty happy because usually i end up with all blacks or all greys...i'm slowly try to add some color to my wardrobe.

i got this short sleeve cardigan from Old Navy too. They had several different colors. i wanted everyone of them. so i opted for the light grey because it will go with the most clothes. But i probably will go back and get a couple of more because like undershirts you can never have enough!

i really just could not resist this O.N. scarf. It is so soft. and it matches the grey cardigan so well. i just couldnt set it down.

CR also has a great deal on shoes. Buy any pair get the second pair for just $10. Sooo of course i had to get in on this awesome deal. I got these black sandals...
these bad boys!! I LOVE gold.

This is a headband. It is lovely especially on my head. Due to crummy iphone pics i couldn't get a good shot of it. I love my short hair, it's perfect for me because i am hair lazy...but with short hair comes a short list of possible styles (braid, ponytail, bun, updo, etc). So i have been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect hair accessories.

i used to ONLY wear dangly earrings. Now i ONLY wear studs...i like studs soooo much better. Although at CR they have a deal get two pairs of earrings for $8. They didn't have a big stud collection but since these are my favorite colors (black/gold) and very lightweight i chose these. I've been wearing them all day and i have hardly even noticed.

And these are the studs i chose. They look like a pair i would find in my grandmother's jewelry chest. I love the vintage look.

speaking of vintage, don't you just love my new romper i got from savers for $4.25. if the weather would stay warm maybe i could actually wear it sometime. I guess for now it will stay in my closet tucked in with my other 4 different rompers. Can you tell i am a rompers fan....only probably is using the bathroom...but who said fashion was always comfortable.

"Well behaved women rarely make history."
-Marilyn Monroe-

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