Monday, March 21, 2011


Wow is right!

I had such a fabulous Birthday weekend! A big thanks goes out to my friends, co-workers, parents, and other family for making my Birthday special and one I won't forget.

Not only did I have such a marvelous time, I got some great presents too!
I love presents!

Stormi and I love going all out for each other on our Birthdays to really make it special. Boy, did she make me feel special! She got me all kinds of goodies:

a marilyn monroe pocket knife. this knife is by far my favorite gift i got...and i got lots of good ones.

stormi knows how much i adore marilyn! this fun light switch will match the rest of my marilyn memorbilia.

and of course she knows how much i love skulls.

this was the skull ring she got me from bcbg....i got this one before my birthday

this is the one she originally picked out before she found the bcbg i got both!!
i love them both.

jealous, right? my eyes will never be dull again.

i got lots of fun gifts, cards, and even a cake from all my lovely co-workers.
Kasey gave me the beautiful lilies that have my house smelling like spring.

My mom and i ordered the curtains she got me last week and my dad is getting some guys to hang the shutters he got me today!! I also got a fun plant for my front porch from my grandma and grandpa.

and of course i was also give a good chunk of cash.
i love birthdays especially when i can see how many people went to great lengths to make it special, just for me.

the best part of the weekend was getting to be lazy with this girl.
she's the best gift i ever got!

"Eating greens is a special treat, It makes long ears and great big feet. But it sure is awful stuff to eat."

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