Tuesday, March 15, 2011

$omething blue.

these are just a couple of things i would love for my little home:

I really am in love with this.

i want this wicker stain trunk for my living room.
i need boardgame storage.

this totally awesome rug for my guest bedroom.
i already have a rug in my gb but these colors would match the bedspread i have.

i thought this would be cute for my sofa table in my living room.
i love cats.

i just thought this would be fun in my kitchen.
pier 1 also has a spoon and knife but i'm liking the fork the best!

i found this poster on overstock and fell in love. i don't know why.
this is where i got my inspiration for my hobby room.

& this is the rug i would like to eventually get for my hobby room.

i love magazines. so i need this end table.
another hobby room necessity.

this is the bedspread i want for my bedroom at my lake house.

i saw this headboard at pier 1 yesterday and i think it will look great in my lake house bedroom.
especially with the bedspread i picked out.

i found these metal movie reels at hobby lobby.
i would like to get one of each to hang on either side of my feux fireplace.

i found this curtains last night, after finally finding some living room curtains.
i plan to get a panel of these black ones for my 2 windows in my bedroom.
they're black out curtains which means they were meant for me.

these are the curtains i picked out for my living room.
like my bff said the picture doesn't do them justice.

finally picked out some shutters. i chose blue. hoping to get these up and my door painted just in time for spring.

((hope you enjoyed))

"You seem to have forgotten the way she works. When you need her but do not want her, then she must stay. When you want her, but no longer need her, then she has to go. I know from personal experience."
[nanny mcphee]

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