Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my little pipe

This morning I woke up and didn't even have to hit the snooze. Seeing as it usually doesn't take me a full hour to get ready I decided to do a day of my bible study. I usually do it at night since I have such a hard time getting up in the mornings.

It was a good morning even though it was rainy and cold. Piper was already up and sitting in the window. That is her absolute favorite. She got down and came to see what the heck I was doing up so early. I read my bible and she played with my pen. I love her. Like, I seriously love her. She brings such joy to my life and I thank God everyday for putting such a wonderful little animal in my life.

(hope this video brought on a smile)

I have to keep a close eye on that little black and white ball. It's the only toy out of the hundreds she has that she actually plays with. It's so cute because when she is looking for it she walks around the house meowing, almost as if she was calling it.

She just loves this colorful afghan (spelling?) that belonged to my mother. She sleeps on it every night. I am not kidding, I mean e-v-e-r-y night!!

i love my little Pipe.

"You should probably put your bandit hat on now. Personally, I- I don't have one, but I modified this tube sock."
[the fantastic mr. fox]

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