Thursday, March 3, 2011

flower power

I did it!

I said in an earlier post that I wanted to start flower arranging. I did a fake fern/plant arrangement so why not try with real flowers!

I hoping this spring I will have my own flowers to use but until then I just went to Kroger and got a couple of different bouquets. *tip: Kroger sells flowers they don't use in smaller bouquets for a $1.00 each. I bought several different ones so I could mix & match. I had an old vase that I wasn't using but for in the future I'll probably go to Savers. I have found vases there in the past for pretty cheap.
  (sorry so blurry, my iphone was acting goofy)

My friend Jamie, we work together & I've know her forever, her birthday is today! So i thought what better timing to try out my arrangement skills. It was hard to get it going and deciding exactly how I wanted them to look. I actually wanted it to look like someone spent their time carefully aranging each stem, flower, & leaf in the vase; not like it was just thrown in there.

I really think I accomplished that! She loved them! She even started crying! It was so sweet and I was so happy I could help make her day special! 

I've already decided this weekend that I'm going to go to Savers and get some different size vases just to have for my future flower arranging business! Let me know if I can make you one! I already love doing them just like my gift baskets.

added the ribbon since it is her birthday.
(i really need to work on my robbon skills)

"My father loved coffee, and now we loved him as coffee..."
[due date]

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