Tuesday, March 1, 2011

baby $teps

18 days till my birthday...

One of my new year's resolutions was to spruce up my house and make it more into a home. I decided to go room by room to keep up with all I want to add. I love shopping. I've already made progress. Not much but it's definitely a start to this new project.

A couple of weeks ago a spotted a beautiful wooden base lamp at Target...and that's where I got my inspiration. I love old things. Mostly things your grandmother would have displayed in an old china cabinet in her formal living room. I love older houses and the basement smell that comes with them. And I'll never quite understand why people paint over their wood paneling. My house is more updated though which is fine. I wanna have more of an updated look but an olden day feel with my personality.
My den's main color scheme is browns and blacks. I wanna also add a touch more of color. And i finally found some curtains that I like. It's taken me a year but my goal is to have them hung up by my the end of this month.

i think i could seriously stare at the lovely little lamp all day. i also got the large votive candles at Target to add in some color. Obviously i haven't made a ton of progress but to me this end table looks way better than it HERE. As you can probably see the mess it left with the lamps cord. Dont you just hate that? So of course that has been bothering me for the past two weeks. What do I put right there? Stumped.

On Saturday, after the flower & garden show, I was pumped with inspiration and I was fed up with this little issue. In my mind fake plants always work. Stormi think their creepy but boy do they work! Now i have a huge fern under my column table in my dining room that I used to see if it would cover the lamp cords. I knew it, it worked. So i headed out to Michael's to find some fake fern and a big basket.

BASKETS WERE ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found a basket that was 39.99 but on sale for 12.99...SCORE! After finding the perfect basket and went to the fake plant section and started arranging the ferns and some other long plant that looks a little bit like monkey-grass and TA-DA! I did my first plant arrangement (i told you i would do that soon) and it all was pretty cheap. I got home and immediately re-arranged the plant basket to put over the wire..UH OH! The basket was way too small. I was so disappointed...why didn't i buy a bigger basket like my other fern..wait, my other fern was perfect. So i just moved big fern over the wires and put little fern in it's old spot. Pure genius, they both look great and now i can take a deep breath and move on to the next area.

My next project is to get my dad to get my Led Zeppelin picture off the floor and on the wall. I'm hoping once my daddy gets back from Vegas we can have a little bit of a work day. Underneath the LZ picture i wanna have a small bench that opens at the top so I can put all my boardgames in it instead of the big cardboard box their in now. That's the new project.

i found this cabinet/bookcase that I am seriously hoping i can get one of my carpenters to build this baby for me that and maybe it will be a little bit cheaper and I dont have to worry about shipping and handling. I also found the curtains i want at overstock. I just need to decide on the color--either "Latte/Chocolate" or "Copper/Chocolate" I don't know what it is about these certain curtains but i like em! Alright, Mom, i know you are reading this...I made it real easier for you..just click on the link 'curtains' and order up! I need four panels, please!

don't worry i will keep everyone updated on all the fun things i want to add to my little home that way yall can get it in time for my birthday...

"I say we go back to the evil lair, grab some ray guns, hold 'em sideways and just go all 'gangsta' on him."

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