Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 more day$

Here is what i am loving on this wonderful wedneday!
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my BIRTHDAY is in 2 days!!
i am so excited it is on a friday this year!
& i get to spend it with....
plus lots and lots of others.
i am so EXCITED!!!!

my Mills house is almost finished. The new sweet tenants will be here on friday to sign their lease, pay rent, and pick up their key. This house has been a huge project and although I haven't seen it completely finished..yet. i know it's going to look great and be an even greater home.
((have i mentioned how much i throughly enjoy being a 'landlady'? i seriously think i have found my calling))
(more on that later)

Gameday Superstore will be getting a makeover very soon.
T and i worked on the prepartations this past friday & saturday. we make such a great team.

i was bored last night.
i was craving brownies but since I'm trying to save money and decided not to buy any mix.
i had pretzels (my favorite) and almond bark in my pantry...
so i made these:::

they tasted so good.
confession: i had them for dinner.

i am LOVIN that tomorrow is 'Hot Lunch Thursday' and the lunch lady (mom) is make hot chicken casserole. (my other favorite) I got to pick the meal this week since my BIRTHDAY is this week.

after driving in the awful rain on monday and once again having no control when i turn on wet streets i started browsing at vehicles.
i need something big, spacious, & fancy
((okay, okay it doesn't necessarily need to be fancy but i can always dream))
i dream big:::
old school mercedes.
so shiney.
fit for a princess.
i always love these.
and my favorite. i WILL own one some day...
i WILL own a new vehicle by the end of this year!
((unfortunately it probably won't be one of these))

who wouldn't love this little face?
sometimes i just want to squeeze her to little bitty bits...luckily she doesn't let me hold her for longer than 2.3 seconds.

**that's what i am lovin this wednesday**

--yesterday a co-worker and friend had to leave work early...her daughter and grand-daughter were in a bad car wreck. thankfully they are both okay. unfortunately Lil' Bit has broken her collarbone from the strap of her seatbelt. please keep my co-worker (brigitte), her daughter (lena) and their lil' bit (annabelle) in your prayers.

*"Vincent Van Gogh. Everyone said to him, "You can't be a great painter, you only have one ear." And you know what he said? 'I can't hear you..'"
[dinner for schmucks]

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