Saturday, February 5, 2011

what a tool.

It happened again. I was "attacked" by another Toolbag. It wasn't but two weeks ago when the first attack happened. I went with Cameron to Big Whiskey's to have drinks with some friends. I kept my cool for a good part of the night but there's only so much a lady can take. The Toolbag harassed me with rude comments to the point that I knew I had two options. 1.Excuse myself & leave 2. Kick his butt. Seeing as Mr. Toolbag is 6 ft or so I just decided to go to the bathroom, call a taxi, & getting the heck out of dodge. Then i am hit once again, by a different Tool tonight. I'm just gunna have to come to terms with the fact that I don't like alcohol. I used to but now that I can legally it just doesn't seem as appetizing. Conversations are going great, I'm meeting new people, & I'm not even having to drink. But in a matter of 5 minutes my night is ruined with the sound of Toolbag's voice. Not only am I introduced as "Jennifer, no wait Jessica, right" (story of my life) but I have to sit directly across from my new archenemy. I don't remember his name..but the fact that I don't drink was all he needed to get him going. Sheesh all the ridicule I get for not guzzling down a fattening disgusting drink. He just goes on & on about how "uptight" I am & that I'm lame for coming to a bar & not drinking. Everyone has gotten really uncomfortable. And once again I'm stuck with my two options: 1. Leave 2. Kick his butt. I'm thinking I have a good chance at option two. He's about my height & pretty drunk compared to my complete soberness. I decide not to make a scene by beating him up. I really didn't want to have to call my daddy from the police station although I was thinking of calling him for backup. Toolbag asked me why I didn't like him and I simple said, "because you're a tool" I didn't listen to his reply because a friend finally stepped in to rescue me. I mean really fellas? Being a tool will get you know where but friendless and beaten up. Someone told me something tonight that hit me hard. This person knows that I have my own house & a "real" job; basically he said something like "wow, you're a step ahead of all of us. You're probably not interested in this." [meaning going to bars] He is right. I learned my lesson tonight, NO more bars and NO more tools. Done. 

As of tonight I have a new resolution to add to my list..self defense classes here I come I wanna kick some nasty Tool butt! 

*Probably not really..but I am going to avoid bars for a minute.

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