Friday, February 4, 2011

$uits & crown$

Stormi loved her gifts. She loved opening them, too. When she came to Little Rock for Lisa's shower we watched Almost Famous with Kate Hudson. Kate plays the beautiful whimsical Penny Lane. Her & William travel with the band, Stillwater. In the beginning Penny is carrying with her what looks like a tackle box but Stormi & I immediately thought of the "Caboodle." I was able to find Caboodles too, they still make em! Not like my purple glitter plastic one I had as a kid but a huge clear bag with several smaller compartment bags. Way more chic & stylish for the new millennium. Almost Famous has one of my favorite movie gives me chills. It's the scene after they pick Russell & William up from a party. Their all riding in the tour bus & basically everyone is irritated and silent. Tiny Dancer by Elton John is playing in the background. One of the guitarist starts to sing along and soon everyone else does too. Goosebumps every time.

Last night I got volunteered to do a Gameday booth at the Razorback Foundation Dinner. Gary got volunteered with me. Just the two of us..I guess "they" figured we could make it if we try.. One good thing I have realized doing booths is that guys love it! There's always going to be more men then women. [which I'm okay with] Mainly I can sell to men better than I can to women.  Two reasons: 1. All men (young & old) love to have a young 20 something year old girl tell them "lookin good" or "that looks sharp" or my new favorite "that looks slimming" 2. Most women I'm selling to are older than me & to be blunt..way bigger busted than me. Are they jealous of me? Not necessarily, but I think ya get my gist. Anyway, I'm sure men sell easier to women but let's be honest not much women [not as much as men] are going to at a sports memorabilia event. Which is why being in the sporting goods industry is such a great gig.
It wasn't as bad as expected, course I did get to leave when Dad came to relieve me. No one came to relieve Gary. Poor Gary, that's right I said it! I think we bonded a little bit while we people watched. Just think of all the clever comments Gary had to say about people. Every man there had on either a suit, a northface, or cowboy boots...Gary fit in. If I was a man I would wear a suit everyday..grey, black, brown, navy, silver, pinstriped, etc. Paired with some diamond cufflinks, a skinny tie and a pocket square that would not match my tie. Maybe I would even branch out to ascots..and of course some sleek shiny shoes. It would be nice to always get to wear flats, pants, and a coat.

Miss Arkansas made an appearance at the event, crown and all. If I was Miss Arkansas I would wear my crown all the time. I'd wear it watching tv, to the grocery store, to church, to the movies, to the doctor..etc etc. The only time I would take it off is to sleep and shower. Most people get hat hair, I would have crown hair. Think about it, how many people get to wear crowns, like an actual real crown that holds a real title..Not many. I was a little disappointed she didn't bring her dummies along..

I didn't get to meet Tusk. I never even got to see him. And it was a shame that Sooie didn't make an appearance..

*I would even wear my crown to play bingo..

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