Thursday, February 10, 2011

$loth day

I am so thankful the snow is melting. I haven't even touched the snow. Course I wouldn't really touch it as a kid either. I mean it's cold and wet. My toes and fingers get numb. That's not fun to a kid I liked to go out for maybe an hour tops. After that i was back inside, in my pjs, in front of the fire, watching cartoons and sipping hot chocolate. Loved it. I've basically done the same thing the past two days. Sitting in front of my space heater, in my pjs, watching cartoons (don't judge) and sipping coffee. Hmmm. Regardless I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow. These sloth snow days have got to stop!

As you can imagine, due to the snow days, I've been watching lots of movies. [surprise] Sometimes when I buy/rent a handful of movies they have the same actors. I don't do this on purpose, it just happens. For example, [I like to buy the $5 DVDs at Walmart] I bought Meet the Parents, Twister, Along Came Polly, and two other random films..Ben Stiller is in Meet The Parents and Along Came Polly where as Philip Seymour Hoffman is in Along Came Polly and Twister..weird, right? It happens often. The latest actor: John Malkovich. I just recently rented Red, Changeling, & The Secretariat. All 3 movies were suggested to me because I hadn't seen any of them. John Malkovich is in all 3..weird, right? I hadn't seen Changeling which is weird since Angelina Jolie is my favorite actress. Stormi suggested that I see Secretariat and Bruce Willis is in Red so I had to see it. Malkovich is just coincidence I'm sure but it's just weird to me.

I finished a book, on saturday. My first one this year. It's a series I've been reading since last year. I finished the 5th one on Saturday and after the past two days, I've almost finished the 6th book! Janet Evanovich writes about bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum who gets into all kinds of crazy shenanigans. She lives alone with her pet hamster and carries a .38 smith & wesson. Sound familiar? Ha! except Piper is a lot bigger than Rex and I'm not a snappy hot shot bounty hunter. I literally catch myself laughing out loud at this book. I wouldn't mind finding my own Joe Morelli although Hot Six has got me intrigued with Ranger. And Lord, please please let me be just like Grandma Muzur when I'm 80 something. Fearless. Hmmm time to finish this book!

*Malkovich..Evanovich..who or what 'ovich' is next?

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  1. Now those are my kind of movies! I wish I had a few snow days to get caught up on my Sex in the City DVD collection.