Monday, February 28, 2011


My weekend was great considering I didnt feel very well through most of it. I like to make plans. Some people aren't like that but what can I say, I'm a planner. But I didnt really plan anything this weekend and I was extremely busy and had a wonderful time with family, friends, and little Pipe.

the garden & flower expo was going on this weekend and my mom and I always enjoy going. There were so many cool things and fun ideas. I HAVE to plant some flowers come yard is so plain.

Daffodils were everywhere. they must have been the theme for the event..these lights were so neat. I think we need them for our lake house.

There were lots of fountains and different water creations. Botanica Gardens had some of the coolest ideas. Their booths were my favorite. The picture on the right are fake flowers floating in a metal water trough..i thought they were real.

I found two things that I definitely want to plant in my yard come spring. I have the perfect spot for a big bunch of hydrangeas that will look perfect and i think really add to my front yard. In my backyard i tore down an old storage shed and it left a huge hole in the corner...I want to plant a weeping willow. I told you I got tons of ideas.

I really loved this little flower, I don't remember it's name. My mom new exactly what it was but she says they don't stay in bloom long. And of course this waterfall was one of many. I just think it's crazy how all of this stuff was inside the convention center, very cool.

I just really LOVEd this two things. I would love love love to screen in my back porch and have these little beauties displayed. o well wishful thinking for now.

The garden show was a success it was it's 20th year and i think mom and i got some good ideas for the lake house and for our own yards. I'm so glad i got to feeling better so we could go!

Also this weekend i got to hang out with Cameron. We don't get to hang out often because we both have such busy schedules. She takes care of kids, I take care of tenants. We hung out friday night but didnt do much except sit at the house and gossip. But Saturday we went with my cousin to The Union and to a party where all of us had a good time. I got the party started by showing off my many years of experience in the fine art of...karaoke.

On sunday I woke up and went to church. I've been struggling with if I want to continue going to my home church with my family or branch out and look for another. I love my preacher, sitting with my family, and seeing so many familair faces but without a music minister..i just feel lost. For me, the worship beforehand gets me pumped for the morning's sermon but since PH lost our MM like 2 years's caused a void and I stopped going. I went to PH for the first time in awhile a couple of weeks ago and once again the worship did nothing for me which was a shame because the sermon was so good...I skipped another week of church but decided to go again this week to sit with my mom while my dad is out of town. I'm so glad I went. We still don't have a MM but I really enjoyed the worship. I might still visit some other churches but I'm not gunna give up on my home. 

 Also on sunday we celebrated my Papa's birthday. It was so nice to get together with my family. The weather was amazing and i think my grandpa really enjoyed himself. It was just us girls (my mom, sis, & i) representing are little family..all of the boys are out of town. That night my sis, mom, and i watched the Academy Awards. I'm surprised we were able to stay up so late.

That's my weekend recap.

"yep, looks like another case of guy on the ground."
[role models]

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