Monday, February 21, 2011

a ba$ket of joy

I made three gift baskets this past week. A friend of mine asked me if I would donate two razorback baskets for some silent auctions she has coming up in March. Well, you don't have to ask me twice. The other one i made for my sister, Kat her birthday was on Saturday. I was excited to do something different. Kat is so crafty and she just got a new sewing machine so I thought a craft basket would be perfect. I hoping with the several pieces of fabric I got her she'll make me something super cool. ha!

I found these large wooden scissors at hobby lobby. Perfect. I spray painted them silver and i know they'll look great in her salon. My sister and I loved to watch "Father Gnome" when we were little; thats the explanation for the small gnome..

This is Stormi's new baby brother, Alex. He was born Saturday February 19th at 4 something in the morning. He is so precious. He only cried once. My big sister and Stormi's little brother have the same birthday. 


  1. giiiiirl, look at you! crafty as martha. haha. that basket for your sister is so awesome! and that baby is absolutely precious!! i think i just wrote the weirdest, most ADD-infused blog post thing i've ever written.....ha! sounds about like me, huh? ;) miss you! so glad i got to hang with you last week. 'twas a lovely evenin' fo sho! <3

  2. I loved my basket of love! Mamaw is going to give me some sewing lessons soon, so I hope to put it's contents to good use. Thanks again for all the goodies!