Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i told you i would update soon with pictures from my first business trip. i was so lucky to get the opportunity to go with my dad to the sports licensing tailgate show. it is a smaller vegas show than our regular asd show thats around 30 or so different 4 ways. this show only had 6 plus 1 gas pump rack and 1 sunglasses rack. we left saturday the 15th. we got a lot of done, had lots of fun, and altogether had a good experience.

this was our super nice hotel room that we got to enjoy for the week. we didnt enjoy it too much though considering anything you could pick up..you actually could buy for more than it's regular price of course. it did have an incredible mattress, an amazing view, and cable...
sunday morning we headed to the convention center to set up for the show. it took all day long to get the whole thing set up. with it just being the two of us we had to ask a couple of guys from fossil to help us with the super tall stuff because lets be honest..im short.

our booth looked amazing! we got lots of compliments and met lots of new people. jenkins enterprises' had one of the best looking booths there. everything is always better when it's bigger, brighter, and higher.

my dad took me on monday night after the trade show to go and see phantom of the opera. we were so lucky they bumped our seats up to center seats 10th row back. we had the best seats in the house and the show was awesome! dad had the soundtrack stuck in his head for the rest of the trip.

we ate at aquaknox that night, a seafood joint. i loved the different mirrors that covered the bathroom wall. and i ate a whole fish..the food was to die for.
we wanted to get tickets to see The Beatles: Love but they werent showing it either of the two nights that we were going to be in vegas. the gift shop wasnt even open. i was so disappointed, look how cool the gift shop is, right?

we went to the bellagio to eat at their world famous buffet. i had heard that it was supposed to be one of the best in the world...we think though that it is overrated. dont get me wrong they had the best honey dew melon (my favorite fruit) i have ever had but thats it though. we walked around the bellagio and took in all the festive decorations they put up for chinese new year. i fell in love with the lantern tree and the immaculate blown glass ceiling. i probably could have sat and stared at the ceiling for hours.

all in all it was a good trip. i am so glad i got to go. not to just get away but to have the experience that came with it. i look forward to my next business trip..im thinking...CHINA.

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