Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well it is official...I can now put on any forms I fill out that I have not smoked tobacco in 6 months. It was a long haul and a hard truck but I did it and I have no want to ever smoke one of those stinky sticks again!! I have noticed a huge difference in my health alone. I lost 25 pounds, I feel energized, & best of all I dont constantly smell like it..I mean I still do sometimes because I still have friends who smoke..but I dont constantly smell like it. Oh and one more thing..I'm not constantly broke either. I mean really scraping together $5 in change for a pack of cigarettes is just ridiculous. Im not saying I'm anti-smoke and I hate anyone who smokes now, or I just cant stand to be around it, or I dont want to be anywhere near it..because in all honesty it doesnt really bother me, It's just not for me. I feel better without it. And to make things even better is I got 4 other people to quit too. I cannot lie I took a drag off of one about a month ago and it seriously grossed me out. It made my stomach hurt and I thought I was going to throw up. I'm sure it was the nicotine or maybe because it was a menthol. Anyways if you are going to quit here is some is going to suck. You are going to be pissed off at the world while thinking you are going to throw up at any second. And your mornings..just suck but you will get through it and you will eventually be able to taste food again. It was quite possibly one of the hardest things I have done. Who knew that quitting something could be so hard.

Not too much has been going on in my life. I've been decorating my pad for Christmas, I was on the news, I found seasons 2, 3, & 4 of That 70s Show, I started a new book, and I got invited to the Knights of Columbus Christmas Dinner Dance. Thought I would just put up a couple of photos from my past week.
Casey & Destiny got their ears pierced :) :)
I decorated my Christmas tree...I havent found the perfect tree skirt..yet.
My Christmas tree's topper that I made.
The little Christmas tree that I have in my room. Ever since I was little I have always had a small CT in my room. This is a tradition that I plan on doing for my kids too.
I had two of these fun pink trees in my first apartment which was the first Christmas I had where it was just me & Piper. I got two so there was one for me and one for Pipe. This was Piper's very first Christmas. That was the Christmas that I would come home and all my decorations were all over the house. She was a kitten. I couldnt blame her for wanting to chase around shiney bright colorful balls. This was also the year where I switched to all plastic ornaments...
This "Charlie Brown tree" was given to me by my mom (my sister has one too) when she closed Pursenality Plus. She also gave me the little santa candy jar. The sweet nativity set was given to me by one of my Sunday School teachers when I was young. I cherish it.
I got this back when Jenkins Enterprises sold Christmas decor.

My momma gave me that cute little wooden raindeer actually she gave me two of them but the little guy's back legs and antlers got separated when I moved. I found his antlers in a drawer the other day but with no back legs he is useless. Im hoping I'll find them one day so he can shine with his friend once again.
Yes, that is a skeleton nutcracker, it goes well with the skeleton ornaments I have on my tree. Those little snowmen are another classy Jenkins decor item. The book "Santa Claus Snow Shoes" was my mom's book when she was little. It must have been one of her favs because it is held together barely by a stingle piece of string. I cherish it.
 Jenkins Enterprises' Christmas tree for the lobby. I would say that Gameday got the better deal..I am pretty sure this CT is older then me.
Got to enjoy a fire. Little Gray Kitten was lovin it.
The historical decor we might destroy.
The waffles my momma made for me after we watched my crunchiness on the news.
The cooler weather starts out with pulling out the warmer blankets.

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  1. Proud of you for quitting smoking! The Christmas decor looks good too :)