Wednesday, December 29, 2010

little furry animal

This Christmas turned out quite well, probably because I got everything I asked for. I told my mom three things that I really wanted and actually sort of needed. 1. a vacuum, a decent one at that. I have a little furry animal that lives with me and really thick rugs. 2. a pistol or gun, obviously this would be for protection or just so I can go to the shooting range on my free saturdays. 3. a bicycle rack, naturally for my bike so I dont have to just throw it in the backseat of my jeep. Along with these wonderful things I also got several other wonderful things. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and wonderful friends.
My mom gave my sister and I this picture she had taken of us at dillards in the 80s. We always joke around at how cheesy and napoleon dynmite-like it is. Love it.
The treats I got for a Christmas Eve snack
He didnt last long.
These are all the movie I randomly bought over the week. Just to give myself a Christmas present.
My sister made me some earrings.

The BCBG computer mouse Stormi got me. She got a matching one too. Since we're both working women.
Angie & Dan got me this awesome toy car because I love toys.
It was different having Christmas at my parents house, a house I've never lived in. Hey, maybe next year we will have Christmas in our new lakehouse!

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