Thursday, November 18, 2010


I woke up this morning with inspiration of a new post and to my roommate wanting to talk my ear off. She does that from time to time and I thought well 'maybe she is out of food/water.' I go check it out and she's got plenty of I try lovin' on her a little bit and that's not what she wants either. I'm I just let her chat. And she does, very loudly, and a lot. I wish I knew what she was trying to tell me...

I got to work this morning in a good mood and I am still in a good mood I'm just tired of the tornado of unorganization sweeping through my office so much. My "office" is basically a desk (with no drawers) in the hallway. I like it, obviously it says "important" all over it because I'm in the middle of my dad and my uncle. It's a nice little office. I just wish it had a door of some sort so I would at least have a head's up before the tornado blasts into my personal space. Luckily, good news, I hired a new employee at Gameday so I am not having to work the store while also managing the store while also stocking the store while also babying the store. Its nice being able to go back & forth from Gameday to Jenkins to Gameday to Jenkins without being stressed about it. I've been getting to stay at Jenkins the past 3 days while going up to Gameday for just an hour or so to "check on things" and it's been so nice. I love doing Gameday but Jenkins has so many other projects going on all the time that I was sad I was out of the loop. Well now I'm back in the circle and I am loving it! I seriously love my job!

I've been working on going through all our college products to help get them organized. What can I say I am OCD about organization. Some of the main things I have been looking for are: what needs to be discontinued, what needs to be ordered, needs to be inactivated, canceled, counted, thrown away, sally's-allyed, loved, etc etc. I know my warehouse farely well so this job is a piece of cake for me it's just a tedious one. And it takes up a lot of paper...

I have a busy next couple of days and I am so ready for the tasty holiday that is coming up very soon. I cannot wait for pumpkin pie, fried ham, and cheesy potato caserole. Yum! Since the holidays are coming up so soon, Stormi and I decided that we need to get together this weekend before all the madness hits. Im so ready to see her. We've both been so busy we have hardly had the chance to see one another. Today is my daddy's birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!) but he has his monthly poker night this evening so we wont be celebrating my old man's birthday till Sunday afternoon. Probably before I go and clean the salon. Looks like I have a busy weekend ahead of me. As far as next weekend..I dont even wanna talk about it. Oh and tonight I close the store for the first time "officially"--hope i dont screw it up. eh

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