Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I got to decorate a Christmas tree today. A Razorback Christmas tree to be exact. Luckily I got my hands on a free pre-lit Christmas tree for Gameday Superstore. Unfotunately the lights on the it are colored..which doesnt look too great with the red and white color scheme. No big deal I went ahead and bought new white lights to string on the tree. *I am too much of a perfectionist to even think about using the colored lights* I also had bought some white toil for my CT but couldnt resist and ended up using it for Gameday's CT instead. I have a confession actually, I have never in my 22 years strung on my own trees have always been pre-lit. It was a little tricky at first but I was able to string on all 3 light strands and even the light out for the whole tree. Next came the toil which was easy because I've helped my aunt in the past and she showed me some tricks to make it look neat. After the toil Trevor and I covered the tree in our Razorback (on sale now) ornaments. When finished with that we stood back to look at our was just something missing. Oh yeah..a topper! We tried all kinds of different hats and none of them looked right. It made the CT look "squatty" and we could not have that. The Trevor comes up with the brillant idea to put pom poms in the tree's branches like tinsel. O. My. Gosh. That made it look even more amazing! He was even able to zip tie some pom poms to the top for our topper. I added our scarves down at the bottom for our tree's skirt. It looks great!!
 We also came upon the dilemia of Gameday being too dark at night time. And since it gets darker so much earlier these days we needed a solution. We're going to get our porches lit up and run some electricity out to our sign so it can be lit up too. Until then we need a quick solution...I suggested Christmas lights, red & white of course. So I went out and bought 6 strands of red lights and 6 strands of white lights. Trevor fixed us right up on the lights. They're on the house so straight and we decided to go ahead and add them to the little "tower" too. If you get a chance drive down jfk at night and see if Gameday is a little bit more noticeable.

"Perfect!! It's red & white for Christmas and Razorbacks!!! Great!! go get that done."-The Boss

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