Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am going to gain so much weight this week. Last night I made Oreo Balls for Jenkins Enterprises' Thanksgiving potluck lunch. I love potlucks! Everyone signs up for what they want to bring and then that day the kitchen gets filled with all kinds of homemade (some store bought) dishes. The three hours before lunch cannot come soon enough! It nice to get together with my Jenkins family before we take a break to gather with our other families. Like I said, I made Oreo Balls, they were the bomb. OB's are very easy to make. If you know me at all then you must know that I am not much of a cook. I actually avoid it if at all possible. The reason being is I have a fear of ovens/stoves. This is completely true. You might think it is weird but this is coming from a person who also has a fear of cotton balls...so I'm weird. I've faced it and now you can too. Anyways, back to OB's...here's how you make them:

Oreo Balls
1 package of Oreos
1 package of candy coating
8 oz of cream cheese
large mixing bowl
cookie sheet

First, crunch up your Oreos in your large mixing bowl. I just use my mixer's beaters to chop it up easier. Add cream cheese to crunched up oreos and mix it with your mixer. When you are finished mixing you should have a cookie-dough-type mixture. Roll Oreo mix into small balls. Set balls on cookie sheet and set in the freezer for 1 hour. 
Microwave your candy coating aka almond bark for 1 minute or follow instructions of package. After 1 hour in the freezer, toothpick the balls and dip into candy coating. Kroger has the candy coating trays that dont make such a mess. You can find it with the chocolate chips usually..sometimes I have to search for it though. And that is basically how you make them. Course I have my own little system now. I remember the first time I made them they took forever but now I have it down. Of course they were a hit at the potluck! But their made with Oreos and cream cheese, seriously, how could you go wrong?

      -Getting ready for coating-                                  -Chilling in the freezer-

-Ready for the potluck-

It's nice that we can get together at work and fellowship. 2010's potluck was pretty big this year and a lot of people who dont normally get to make it got to come too. I have a big dinner tomorrow night at my aunt's & then Thankgiving day lunch at my grandmother's. I have a feeling I am going to be pretty stuffed come Friday. Luckily I can work it all off Friday and Saturday. 

         -The dessert table-                                           -All the tasty dishes-

-The deer my cousin, Hunter, killed-

 -The stew Trevor made with the deer he killed & the apple dumplings he made too-

-Everyone who was "productive" this year got a Wal-Mart giftcard-
(Trevor and I were stoked!) 

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