Thursday, November 4, 2010

13 Randoms

Kat tagged me in an 8 question survey meaning I answer the 8 questions she asked me. Then I am supposed to tag 8 new people & ask them 8 new questions. Well since most people who follow me don't have a blog I'm not gunna tag anyone. Not because I'm being lame but I just don't have 8 folks to tag. So since I'm giving the x factor to that small point I went ahead and added 5 more questions. So here goes my 13 questions and answers:

1. What book/books are you reading now?
This is crazy because usually I'm reading around 3 books at a time but I've been so busy lately that I haven't even had the time for one. I have been doing a Beth Moore bible study on Revelation and it's been an intense study. I was discouraged in the beginning and thought about quitting but I have kept on and am so glad I did, it's gotten so good. So I've been reading that book and "The Tutor" an E-Book that I downloaded to my iPhone.

2. If you could go anywhere in the world, you haven't been, where would you go?
Or Hawaii (I love every movie that has the Hawaiian setting) would be just warm and wonderful!

3. What is one goal you set out to accomplish in the next 5 years?
Well for one I plan on paying off my house in the next 8 years (by the time I'm 30) but in the next 5 years I hope to have Gameday in Little Rock with an "Empire Records" type atmosphere. If you haven't seen Empire Records I suggest you watch it, one of my favs. Course, Gameday will be a fun awesome sports store where as Empire is a records store but yeah you get the picture.

4. What's your favorite Christmas tradition?
I have 2. They're actually newer traditions. When I was younger my family and I would go over to my grandparents (moms side) house for Christmas Eve. Now that we are older we don't do that anymore so we have supper & a party at my parents' house. Just my little family. My mom cooks dinner and tasty treats and we play games and sing "caroloke." It's going to be weird this year because we will be having Christmas for the first time in like 10 years in a different house. What about "caroloke!?!" This year will surely be different. As for the other tradition it's one I started in 2008 when I spent my first Christmas not sleeping at my parents house. I haven't woken up on Christmas morning at my parents house for 2 years now. This will be the third year. After I leave my parents house I drive around looking at Christmas lights then I go home and watch "Little Women" with Piper while eating junkfood and wrapping Christmas presents. I've done that the past two years both different apartments. It's nice to be able to keep the tradition going strong. This time I'll be in my house which also means Piper and I will be able to carry out that tradition in the same spot for years to come...well the next 8 anyway.

5. What is your most prized possession? First of all it would be Piper. I love that little girl more than anyone can ever know. But as for an actually object I would say my grey beanie that my mamaw gave to me. I wear it all winter! I love hats! I'm so excited for the cooler weather. The 2 main reasons I look forward to fall/winter is Christmas and the fact that I can wear that hat every single day!

6. What is someone you aspire to be like? Never thought of this one before.....hmmmm...well I guess after some thought I would have to say Lucille Ball. Random or what? But it's true. Her love of life and comical take on things just makes me want to strive to have that funny, crazy, adventurous take on life. To not worry about the big & small things but just to have fun, work hard, make people laugh and live in the moment.

7. What cheers you up when you've had a bad day?
Disney Movies. (cartoons period) What can I say, I'm a kid at heart! They truely help. When I am having just a no good terrible very bad day, I like to go get a big bag of candy (sweet & sour) go home and put some pjs on. Then curl up with a blanket and my Pipe and watch a kids' movie. I don't know but just watching tiny mice with clothes on, cats smoking cigars, or an alligator dancing in a tutu just makes me feel 10 times better. You should try it, best therapy ever!

8. What's the best concert you've ever been to?
Riverfest. I can't remember what year or who was even playing but I had the time of my life. I was with my friend Cameron in high school. We wanted to be up front and center. We worked our way, elbowing through the crowd, all the way to the front. We're jumping up & down, screaming, and pretending like we know the words. Then all of a sudden I am being picked up and put on someone's shoulders. I look around and another guy has done the same to Cameron. Caught up in the moment we just shrug and continue screaming, waving our arms, and mumbling. We don't know any of the songs because we don't even know who these guys are but we are having a blast. I'm so close to the singer I'm pretty sure I could've braided his long scraggily beard. I look over and Cameron is no where to be seen...wait what's that moving through the crowd. Omg! That's Cameron, she is crowd surfing!! Seriously! And the look on her face I still remember to this day. I don't actually remember getting down off of this random's shoulders nor do I remember how I was able to yank Cameron out of the wave of people but I do remember going straight to the bathroom because Cameron had peed her pants. That concert was crazy. I had so much fun, I can say I've experienced a true concert and I can also say I will never do it again.

9. What is your current favorite song? I recently screwed up my iPod so I have been listening to the radio. I NEVER listen to the radio. So while listening to Alice 107.7 I've been hearing songs that I wouldn't normally have on my iPod. The new Shakira song "She Wolf" has pulled me in. I love it! I listened to it on repeat this morning on my way to work. I went ahead and downloaded her new album titled "She Wolf" and I am totally digging it. "Gypsy" is one of my favs too! Check em out!

10. What were you doing this time last year?
I was remodeling my house! My new house that I had just bought. I was so lucky to get it and with my parents help and some hard workers we were able to make my beautiful house what it is today. I was working at Jimmy Alford Studio, it sucked. The good thing about it was I met my bestfriend, Angie. Been friends ever since. I was blessed a month later with a better job.

11. What is your favorite restaurant? Well I absolutely love seafood, Chinese food, & buffets. Recently I discovered King's Buffet on McCain. Which is a Chinese, Seafood, buffet style restaurant. Perfect! It's become my new favorite.

12. If you could bring back one trend what would it be?
I can't really think of a trend because I'm not a real trendy person. Ha, I still wear some shoes that I  bought when I was in the 6th grade. I can think of 2 just random things I still wish were popular just because they were fun when I was a kid. 1. Tamagotchi, you know the little egg shaped, small as the palm of your hand little electronic pet. You had to feed it, love it, play with know take care of it just like a pet. And I'm telling you sometimes these little guys got demanding. I liked to hang mine on my beltloop, that was super cool. Some folks had more than one. I remember I had a green one and more than likely a purple one. 2. Slap bracelets, were so cool. I mean come on, think about it, it's straight then you slap it on and your good to go or slap one on your bestfriend and you're "bestfriends forever" o I love it. Course now they probably say slap bracelets encourage bullying or slapping...

13. What's your top 5 movies?
These will probably all change by tomorrow but as of right now they are: 1. Hustle & Flow 2. Sweeney Todd & The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 3. It's All About The Benjamins 4. Pulp Fiction 5. Little Women-in no particular order and like I said all of these could change. In fact I know they will cause I can think of 22 others that can also be considered on my top 5.

Well there's some randomness about me. Hoped you enjoyed!


  1. Thanks for responding! I knew I could count on you :) Loved your answers, made me smile.

  2. i loved your answers! especially the story about your friend crowd surfing and peeing herself! i love high school :)