Friday, October 29, 2010

Learning Everyday


thats seriously all I can say.."Thank God It's Friday!" Dont get me wrong this week has gone by fast but I swear its been one issue after another. At the time though, these issues seemed like they would never get done, fixed, or figured out. Monday morning went smoothly enough and it wasnt until I had for intoxicated women come into the shop around noon. I say "intoxicated" because I'm not exactly sure what they were on...I just knew something wasnt right. They had drenched themselves in perfume and were acting quite odd. And annoying. One of the crazy broads decided to actually buy something and wanted to pay with a credit card. O looky there the dang little machine is out of paper. *This is where I almost have a mental breakdown* I just cannot figure out how to get the paper to feed through the stupid thing. And I mean really there is only two ways it could go but it just wasnt wanting to work. On top of me trying to figure out the paper situation, I have four drunk women telling me how to do it along with asking me the prices on everything in the store; obviously their vision was too blurry to read the price tags. Im getting so frustrated and annoyed that Im pretty sure I almost had a panic attack. I finally just get fed up. She suggests that she will just write a check as long as I dont throw the machine at the wall. I agree with her and am thankful she has been patient and understanding until she gets huffy because we dont do military discounts...really? Thats a whole nother spew I could go off on, but I wont. I figure I will just work on the machine after they leave my store. But one thing that really ercked (?) me was her friend got ready to pay for her items and then got pissed and changed her mind because she couldnt use her credit card. She was standing there the entire time I was working with the cheap military drunk so that gives you a clue that they were drunk, intoxicated, throwed, messed up, etc especially after they proceeded to just sit out on my front porch & smoke cigarettes...some people have no shame.
I ended up having to get a new cc machine...except this new one is ghetto. It has a "tamper" issue and I can still get it to work but it just has to be rigged a bit. You know just unplug it a bunch to let it start over. My rep was supposed to call me about this issue but of course she never did. So I've just been having to learn how to use it broken..story of my life.

Also this week, not a bad issue like cc was being but I had tons of donations going on. Most schools, I'm guessing, are getting ready for their fall festivals. I know this because I have been doing silent autions galore. I am by no means complaining because to be honest I like making different fun baskets. Im really good at it. I had 3 different ones this week and I had 2 a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was very pleased! I did one for Mrs. Slatery and she wants me to do more for her in the future. Im excited cause I love doing that!
More store stuff..........We got in some new things up at the store. We got some super nice backpacks, duffle bags (own), and backsacks. Along with those we finally got our cheerleader outfits in and they are super cute! We got some sweatshirts too along with beanies!! 9 different styles of winter caps some our even revirsible. I ran into a problem on this too! How in the world do I price these? And seeing as my dad is in fact on the other side of the world, I was lost. I couldnt get ahold of him because it was 1:00am their time and my phone just wasnt strong enough to make such a long long long distance call. So I used my google resources and guestimated what I thought they would be priced. Pops says I guestimated right, sounds like his business expertise is rubbing off on me. (finally)

As for yesterday I had a funny thing happend..well it wasnt funny at the time. But anyways I got in my truck yesterday to head back down to Jenkins and my Jeep wouldnt start. Damn. Went inside and got Molly to move her car closer to mine and got my jumper cables. Lifted my hood and had Molly do the same..only thing is she didnt know how. So I lifted hers too. Put the jumper cables on my battery then on hers. She started her car and mine started easy peasy! Showed Molly how it was done then hit the road. Ha! I was so proud of myself. Man, dad came through again with the knowledge. I learn so much from him. He showed me a couple of months ago how to do that and then gave me my own set of jumper cables. I finally got to use them. I called my mom and Richard right after I was done just to brag on myself a little. They were both proud too!

Today is Halloween on the Hill in Park Hill and its a big deal that Im not looking forward to. 1,000 kids just isnt my cup of tea.

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