Monday, October 18, 2010

Gameday Forever

So sorry it has taken me till October 18th to update this thing. I've just been busy which is no surprise since I am always pretty busy. Mainly I've just been working on Gameday, getting organized, and deciding our future plans. Last Wednesday I got some exciting news about Gameday staying open after football season. Yes, we decided to keep it open longer and see how things go. It really doesnt hurt us by keeping it open. If anything it has helped Jenkins Ent a ton so far just by being able to see what the "people" want, getting to see what sells good and what is selling better than others, and it comes in handy with helping us get an idea of the things were out of-which kinda sucks cause were out of a lot of goods and its not even close to the end of the season. boo!
A lot of good ideas have already come from Gameday and I have no doubts that there are more to come. Its cool that we have the resources to get whats our fans need like garden flags, women tees, dog items, etc. And along with that good news I also got the news that I can start buying goods for the store from other companies, since Jenkins doesnt sell everything. Along with getting to order stuff through catalogs and websites I get to go with my daddy to the Las Vegas Hardware Show in January. I am so stoked! I know it is gunna be a lot of work because it will be just me & him but I'm ready! I like doing the behind the scenes type of stuff anyway. You know like buying the merchandise, setting the store, putting out the new goods, really running the store and taking care of things which is why I am the manager of Gameday. Dont get me wrong I dont mind selling the product but its just not really my thing to be up front center smiling and chatting to strangers, i'd much rather be in the back staying busy by myself. And when I have to be bright and cheery then I will be the brightest cheeriest Gameday employee but given the choice you know now which one i would take.
Its funny because for the longest time I had no clue what I wanted to do. It was frustrating because I wanted to have my job and live in my house and do things my way but I couldnt...who knew that my perfect job was right under my nose I just had to open my eyes, make some elbow room, and squeeze my bum into action. Now I'm doing what I was born to do...I knew straightening all the stuffed animals at the Disney store would come in handy one day.
Just to give yall a little peak of what I have worked so hard on the past month....but you should really just come by, this is my baby and the pictures just dont do it justice.

 Razorback Clothes Galore!!
All our "hard goods" this wall gets a little confusing.
I love this little corner, razorback nook & cranny

All of our kids clothes

Our NFL section, it will grow, I promise.

We have a pretty big selection of Longhorns and LSU tigers (boo)

Our new closeout room, everything 50% off, come check it out!

The register counter with our Gameday mascots: Mr & Mrs Razorbacks
Whoo Pig Sooie

Its been a lot of fun setting things up and learning how to pop my boss collar and take care of business.


  1. The store looks great! You have done such a good job. I still need to come see it in person...

  2. where are you guys located? john and i definitely need to stop by when we're home this december and stock up... hard to find razorback stuff here!