Monday, October 25, 2010

Different Luck

So this weekend was different.

Friday was my typical Friday. Go to work, get paycheck, chill with Richard, Angie, & Dan, Stay up watch a movie, then bed. It was Saturday that was a little different for me. I woke up and gathered my stuff together to head to Arkadelphia, the town I used to call home. The drive down there was a little weird because I used to drive it all the time. Sometimes they felt like quick trips when I was excited to get back and see my friends and then others were long drives when I knew I had a liberal arts test or something the next day. Arkadelphia has changed quite a bit since I lived there like new places to eat, new signs, new dorms, new roads, new traffic lights, and new people. A lot has changed and it is clear that I dont belong there anymore. The feeling I got from walking around campus and going inside Maddox was weird since I used to be a part of it and now its just a old part of me.
My sister, mom, gary, and I went and saw the Tiger Tunes 2010 show and I must say I was a little disappointed this year. Chi Delta was cute and surprisingly louder than I thought they be. It was super weird seeing people I know, you know, people I dont speak to anymore. Yeah, super awkward. Because if you know me at all I am defineitly the type of person who will dodge anyone I see out in public just so I can avoid that small talk crap. You know, "hey how are you" "what have you been up to these days" and then after they ask me a billion questions about my life then they want me to ask too. Why? I am in no way trying to be ugly but really? I havent talked to you in what? 3 years and in some cases (such as high school) 4 years so sorry I'm not jumping up and down to have a 5 min convo that both of us will forget by the time we leave Wal-mart. Sorry thats just how I feel. So the whole time at JPac I was doing this...avoiding people I just really really didnt want to talk to. Yes it was super crunchy.
Anyways after tunes we went back to this cabin my mom rented for the weekend up in Iron Mountain on Lake Degray. It was really nice and we hung out there earlier before the show. Getting to see John Allen was cool. He has gotten kinda big not like big and fat but idk maybe he just looked older...weird that he is in college even weirder is he is at obu and weirdest he has even hung out with some of my friends. Crazy. Well since I am an idiot I forgot to roll my sunroof up and it poured down rain. UGH. I just wanna hit my forgetful head against something but then again that might not be good for my memory. Yes my Jeep smells terrible and my seats are stained as well as the carpet. And my ipod is just no more. R.I.P. beautiful black awesome amazing ipod, you will be truely missed. On the brightside my console (spelling?) of my truck is clean now and I wasnt the only person this happened to. And I've decided to not even replace the ipod. I have issues with them and I cant break the habit of leaving them in the truck. And I was going to go and see Stormi but I was just so pissed off at myself that I ended up just hoping on the freeway and heading back to LR. It was nice seeing Tiger Tunes and having a fun dinner with my family but other than that Arkadelphia is just not for me, NLR is my home again and I love it! I wish I would've taken some pics of the weekend. All I have is this video that is my little family.

My sister ran this soaring wings half marathon on Saturday morning. She reached her goal and ran the time she aimed for. Im proud of you sis!

O and on Top of the jeep fiasco I also left my phone's charger at the cabin so I had to pay around 30 bucks for a new one..Lame.

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