Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Went to the Zoo!!

I said a couple of posts back that I had been wanting to go to the zoo and on Sunday I got that chance! My friend Angie (Dangelo) invited me to come with her & her four tinyloons. I was so excited!! And the munchkins were so excited for me to be coming with them. It was so funny because when I pulled up to their house (mayor) all four of them went crazy and ran up to my jeep. After getting everyone situated in the truck we were good to go have some fun at the zoo! (Boone fell asleep before we even got there) We arrived. woke up, and ran into the zoo. We saw all kinds of neat animals. And Angie and I had quite a time trying to keep the little ones out of the exhibits, they were just so excited! Her are some of the pics from my little trip.

 Shane feeding the fish.
 Boone & Casey watching the flamingos
 Shane, Casey, Destiny, & Boone posing with the turtle.
 Me, the squirrel & Shane, the little zoo kid.
 I love watching the monkeys. This little guy was straight chillin.
 Me and my girls hanging out after the zoo.

Well I had a great time! I think we all did. I was so proud of the tinyloons for walking around the big zoo for two hours. They were so tired. The girls were plum tuckered out, they fell asleep before I even left. I was disappointed because I didnt get to see my two favorite animals. The panther was hiding and they didnt have the camel. I heard from a small source they do seasonal camel rides. Not sure when, maybe during Easter.

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