Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I wanna go to The Zoo!

I've been so busy today which is a change from this weekend since I did absolutely nothing. There's nothing wrong with not doing anything on the weekend and I'm not saying I regret hanging out in my pjs for 3 days but after awhile my body is ready to get up and do something. Stormi and Caleb came to visit and we were going to go to the zoo but decided to just stay at home. We shouldn't have been so lazy and actually had gone. I know we would've had a great time. I havent been to the zoo since they had the dinosaur exhibit, I was propabably 8. I heard it has been re-modeled and is looking good. Wish i had some cute guy to take me to the zoo, o well wishful thinking huh. 

This just in: Gameday Superstore will (hopefully) open on Friday September 10th. The day before the first Razorback home game. Mark your calenders now! Now I'm just wondering who in the world we are going to get to run it on Saturday. 
Just the mention of the day "Saturday" makes me cringe. Not in a bad way but in a we-have-to-have-everything-ripping-to-go way and the stress between The Bosses and I is through the roof. Hope everything can go according to plan...

My new goal is to try and ride my bike a minimum 2 times a week. Tried for the first time this morning and it starting pouring by the time we got to the river. And since we just arent that hardcore (yet) to ride in the rain we just turned around and came home. Hopefully the rest of the week wont be so bad and I can get out there and work it. If not I set the goal and thats always the first step, right?

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