Thursday, September 30, 2010


Fall has officially started! The next 3 months are probably my favorite (besides March) months because there is so much that happens. Halloween, my fav holiday for obvious reasons. Thanksgiving, I love having the big family dinners. AND Christmas, I mean really, who doesnt like Christmas? Along with these huge holidays there are other festivities going on too, which makes these 3 months fly by. After their gone, I hate fall/winter so I suffer till summer starts again. I guess there's that one day in March that's alright. Anyways one thing my mom always did at the beginning of fall she would decorate the house with all kinds of fall decor. You know like pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, and different "harvest" type items. My mom went all out too, every inch and cranny of the house had some small festive decor. Some leaves here, a couple of pumpkins there-you get the picture. Well I was so excited after looking at my sissy's pictures of her house's fall decorations that I couldnt wait to get my house fixed up just like they (my mom & sister) had already done. I went straight to Walmart to get some goodies but I didnt buy too much because A. its all so expensive & B. the first of the month means bills bills bills o and this just in a house payment. So i was a little disappointed when my house looked so crappy compared to my mom and sister's. Later that week I got a text from my momma saying she had a small box of fall decor and I was more than welcome to it. I was so excited! Even if it just ended up being 3 pumpkins I was still crunk about adding to my collection of festive decor. Was it just 3 pumpkins? Nope!! It was a box full of pumpkins ranging from different sizes, to bags of fake fall leaves, another big bag of pinecones and "harvest" vegetables, and some random Halloween decor. It made my night!! As soon as i got home from mom & pops house I went straight to decorating. O. My. Gosh. It turned out so great! Everything looks perfect! I couldnt have done it without my sweet momma and my sister's creative ideas though. Im sure over the years I will aquire enough fall decor to have every nook and cranny decorated with all my cute festive harvest-y fall decor.

"And there goes another "puntnin..."

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