Thursday, September 2, 2010

All I'm Seeing is Red

Dang, yesterday was such a full day. With football season started and GameDay Superstore on the way, my work schedule has gotten CRAZY!

One of the little projects that i am working on is suction cup hogs. What is a suction cup hog? Its this little razorback stuffed animal that has suction cups on his four feet (i guess it would really be hoofs). I think this used to be popular back in the day because you could stick em to your car/jeep window and it could be a cute car/jeep accessory. But not so much anymore. We CANNOT sell them (get rid of them) with the suction cups on because 1. they are dangerous to children and 2. they are lame. I mean really who wants to have a little razorback stuck to their window? We have car/jeep flags or license plates, something else besides this little ugly razorback. We discovered though if you cut the suction cups off, the razorbacks sells like hot pancakes on a Sunday morning. So what have i been doing? Yes, cutting off the little suction cups. I did one box awhile back and thought i was done. O no not even quite. A puller found 6 more boxes. Im not gunna lie if i had found them we wouldnt be selling (getting rid of) them at the game. I would've have just hid them in some cubby hole in the warehouse, thrown them in the dumpster, put them in the fire, something besides going to my Unc to be praised for finding such a crappy stuffed animal. Thats just me though. Luckily I've only had to do 2 boxes out of the 7 we have. Unfortunately Kasey has to do the rest because i get to print shirts. Printing shirts makes the day go by so much faster. I swear i did 104 shirts yesterday in 30 minutes, which is why i am printing shirts and not the regular lady. I actually had a new year's resolution to be an asset at work. Meaning: I want someone to rely on me. I want for someone to know that i am the only one who can do this job and do it well. I am so glad that i accomplished that goal. I can even do two machines at the same time!

this isnt even one full box!

enough about work.
I got to leave work early yesterday to see my bestfriend, Stormi. She was going to be in town for her class at ualr. So i left and got to my house where her and Caleb were waiting. I was so excited to see her cause i hadnt talked to her or seen her in a week. It was so nice for all of us to hang out and chat. We even watched "Ferngully" for a little bit before she had to go to her class. It was a very nice visit and we plan on hanging out this weekend.
After i left there I went to church for my first night of Bible Study. It's a Beth Moore bible study on Revelation. Not Revelations but Revelation. Im so excited because ive always been interested in Ole Rev but havent fully been able to understand it. Im excited to for next week when we break up into our small groups. I know i will be with my mom and Cameron but Im really hoping Pollycrick will be in our group too!

As for today, ive been pretty busy. Went with The Boss to Farmstead (rental property) to measure for carpet. After we left there we went to Ron Packs Carpet to pick out the right color. The Boss and I both picked out the same carpet, we wrote the check, and we were good to go. Farmstead is a house we just bought for Trevor and his friend Paul. Its looking pretty nice and its very cool that i have had a lot of the decision making in the whole process. JWJ Investments is the name for all are rental properties and i am way more interested in that aspect then the Game Day (rah rah rah) and Souvenir Statements lines that we have here at Jenkins. Im very excited to be the new "manager" to JWJ. I know i can do a great job and im very organized. We have around 40 something properties and organization is exactly what JWJ needs.
I know I know i said i would quit talking about work but work is my life so its hard not to.

Tonight i am going over to Dan & Angie's (Dangelo's) to see them and hangout. They have 4 kids and these kids are AWESOME! I always look forward to my weekly visit to Dangelo's. They feed me great food, tell me great stories, and teach me all kinds of new things. I love going out once a week because it gives me an opportunity to just hang out and not have to worry about anything. It's always good solid fun!

Well back to printing shirts and quite possibly cutting stupid suction cups off of dumb hogs. Go Razorbacks!

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