Monday, September 13, 2010

A Bad Pancake Joke

Well what a busy weekend!! It was literally crazy! My legs hurt, my eyes are droopy, and I wish I was still in Hot Springs sitting in a rocking chair enjoying the nice weather. Unfortunately I'm back at work, not that that's a bad thing, I just wish I had an extra day of rest. I'm so tired and I cant even imagine how The Bosses feel. Myself along with Jenkins Enterprises employees and friends worked the LR Razorback game on Saturday. My mom, brother, Kasey, and I worked the "Supertent" which was 3 larger tents that held more merchandise than the 9 smaller booths we also had. It was our first run through and I'm very happy we only do it for the homegames and there's only two of those a season. I am not going to lie. I HATE big crowds! I'm not much of a "large-amount-of-people person." I like to just stick with a few people here and there and I steer clear of all hilbillys. And no, I am not looking forward to the November game...

Our "Supertent" is looking straight legit

After finally getting home on Saturday night and washing the stench of popcorn, sweat, and beer off of my body I got a call from Stormi telling me she was in town. Her and Caleb were on their way to my house. I was in a bad mood from working the crazy crowded game all day and didn't want to be around people, but once she got there she made me feel 10 times better and put me in a great mood. We hung out at the house for a little bit before going on to IHOP. (our favorite) We ordered our favorites kinds of pancakes; Stormi and I always getting chocolate chip and Caleb gets double blueberry. We joked and laughed and had a good time why we stuffed our faces and talked about the must see VMA's. After paying for our tasty treats we went back home and started watching "Maid in Manhattan" (Stormi's choice) before finally deciding to pass out for the night.

Stormi looking groovy in my Wednesday Addams wig

I slept great. Especially after I finally got up and took my medicine. (I was itching very bad-more than likely from the stress) Stormi and Caleb left at 10 that morning. We decided that morning at IHOP that I should come to Hot Springs to watch the VMA's. So I finally dragged myself out of bed around two yesterday afternoon, got ready, and jumped in the jeep. 45 min later I'm driving down Grand Ave. to Stormi and Caleb's house. Its been awhile since I'd been to the house and Stormi had it decorated real cute of course. Luckily all her furniture matches all of Caleb's furniture. Perfect. We hang out for a bit and then decide to go get a little dinner before the VMA's. "Don Juan" Mexican restaurant seemed like the perfect place. We got tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas with cheese dip and hot sauce and it was muy bien! After dinner we went back to the house and started watching the VMA's. We were actually a little disappointed this year. Chelsea Handler was host but I was expecting a WOW factor and there just wasnt one. Before I left to come back home we sat out on the front porch and felt the cool breeze and smelled the start of cooler days.

The tight house warming present from my moms

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