Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Batch of Movies + A Bundle of Books

IT'S THE WEEKEND, BABY, and i'm bout to have me some fun. it's been one long week for me and i am glad the weekend is here. even though i am working at the salon today. bright and early, too. i'll let y'all in on a little secret: to make it to work on time this morning, i just didn't sleep any last night. that wasn't my plan, it just sorta worked out that way. i was watching this show and reading this book, and by the time i looked at the clock to even see what time it was it said...3:30 in the am. since i still needed a shower i just figured, hey, it's close to sunrise, i'll just rest for a little bit. then i'll get up and take a shower/get ready for work. and that's how i was able to run two errands and be five minutes early [for once] for work. and i really don't feel all that tired. except for my droopy eyes. it's always my eyes. so, last night, barry and i took blake, [barry's son] and katie, [our daughter-in-law] and bowen [their son/our grandson] to cajun's wharf [for dinner] to celebrate blake's birthday that is TODAY! it was our first dinner out and about as a family of five. and it feels like we still didn't get enough time with them. barry and i can't wait to get us a longer time period together with our little bitty grandbaby-boo. soon. we're trying to give the new parents some time to adjust and wait till the big "let-me-see-your-baby" crowd is gone. we were glad we got to celebrate with them. mi familia!
 okay, so, basically, i've been working on this post for awhile now. another movies post. plus i haven't updated y'all on all the books i've read since my last books post; which was in january. i've read A TON more books since then. so that's pretty much what i will be chatting about today. i have been feeling miz like all week long. tuesday and wednesday i felt the worst. i started feeling a little less puny yesterday, but still have this like almost unbearable stomach ache. i swear, i can deal with a headache or back pain, but as soon as my stomach starts hurting, i pretty much just turn into a big baby. i mean, those other ones can be fixed with a simple solution. but a stomach ache? there's like NO medicines that can remedy a tummy-problem. anyway, thankfully, i was feeling good enough to get out and head to the ball field with barry to watch our little nephews [my sister's kids] play soccer on thursday evening. 
how cute are they, right? they were both so fun to watch. my boy, mason got really into the running and kicking the ball. elliott was having a good time showing off for the crowd. i think it's awesome they are both giving it a shot. now i think their sissy needs to sign up next. she was wanting to play too and was actually pretty good at attacking kicking the ball. i can't wait for them to start playing tee-ball. now that's going to be THE real fun-stuff to watch. 

anyways...let's get to it. so. MOVIES we go.
[rented from redbox] all these movies were kind of a let down. kind of
a bad moms christmas: i thought this one would be just as funny as the first one. fyi, it's not. thats why i think comedies like these should steer clear of making a sequel. they're just never as funny as the first one. i was bored with it pretty much from the moment it started. yes, it's that terrible.
cook off!: so apparently this movie was made in 2007, but didn't come out till 2017...not really sure why, other than the fact that it is a CRAPPER. i was hoping there'd be more melissa mccarthy, but sadly, there wasn't. i was also thinking this would be more of an the office-kinda-funny, but it was not. it was really stupid. no wonder they waited 10 years to bring it out to video.  
only the brave: this one was really slow. i kept waiting for a "save-the-day" climax that never came. the ending is very, very sad. i cried all the way through the end credits.
suburbicon: i don't know what i was expecting from this movie, but what does happen is far from what i was expecting, but in a predictable way. was so strange. and just stupid. matt damon is not very good at acting the creeping guy.
thank you for your service: another slow miles teller movie. i just could not get into this one. i tried watching it several times but just couldn't get into it enough to even finish the film.
[rented from redbox] another batch of crappy movies.
accident man: this movie started out pretty strong and then just went downhill after that. it's just basically a bunch of fist fighting and people being thrown out of windows. not impressed.
the snowman: this movie got a lot of hype. i mean people were talking about it, there were previews on tv and tons of interviews with the cast popping up all over the web. so what was the big deal? it was not at all what i expected. to me, i thought it was dull and confusing. i seriously don't even remember how it ended. 
red dog true blue: i rented this movie for barry. [he likes dog movies] but he didn't even like it. which if he didn't, you know for damn sure i hated it. honestly, i tried watching it but grew disinterested pretty early on in the film. lame. 
trafficked: a sad, but very informative film. it was awful and horrible to watch, but we couldn't STOP watching it. it reminded me a lot of a b-rated version of this movie. thankfully, it didn't show any gruesome details of all the horrendous defeats that girls [and others] imprisoned in sex trafficking rings deal with on a daily basis, but it was enough. just terrifying. we all shouldn't trust so easily. 
[from my own collection] i have these three movies in a box set, and last week i had a night where i just could not fall asleep. so i sat up and watch these movies. i LOVE the movie say anythinglloyd dobler's personality should be every girl's dream guy's personality. and lucky for me, my husband and lloyd are actually quite a lot a like. they both have that same charisma that makes everyone love them. garden state is a strange and slow film, and i always have to be in the mood to watch it. i don't know about y'all but i think natalie portman picks weird roles. a lot like this ladycharlie bartlett a fun, high schooly movie that never grows old. sadly, i just found this out yesterday when reading this article, that anton yelchin died in a tragic accident in june of 2015. i had no clue. so, so sad. 

okay the following are movies i "watched," while coloring in my newest adult coloring books
[from my own collection] i think hitch was one of the if not THE first dvd i ever owned. also if you're not following will smith on instagram you should be. he's only been doing it for about a couple of months and has already grown to 10 million followers. the videos he does are all just hilarious.
bad teacher: one of cameron diaz's more funnier films. and probably a little how i would be if i was ever "forced" to be a teacher. also, can we just state for the record that, lucy punch NAILED her role in this movie.
we're the millers: an amazing black comedy that i can watch over and over and still find hilarious. i don't care what nobody say jason sudeikis is just hysterical.
dazed and confused: a CULT CLASSIC, amiright? [barry had never seen this one. crazy, right?] i mean each actor plays their role to a T. genius. don't get me wrong i love pinkpickford, and wooderson, but it's rory cochrane [one of my celebrity crushes] who nails his role as slater, the films notorious role as the burner bum. also, there are several el caminos featured throughout the movie. plus there's tons of good music all throughout this one.
films like penelope are just some of my favs. it's just something about the low-budget, but strong script that draws me in. also, i just love james mcavoy as the grubby, down-on-his-luck, mysteriously-handsome gambler that he plays so well in this movie.
the accidental husband: sometimes when i pick out movies for us to watch, i try to find something barry has probably never seen before. then i gauge his reaction on whether he'll be into it or not. this was one of those films. and he watched the whole thing. didn't fall asleep or anything.
dodgeball: a true underdog story: another b-rated type film that's an oldy but a goody. i pretty much love anything with vince vaughn or justin long. and, unfortunately, ben stiller's character reminds me a little TOO much of someone i work with; the resemblance is straight creepy.
liar liar: [barry's pick] a 90's flick. i loved jim carrey when i was a kid but he just doesn't even compare with the comedians i love these days: like jasonjasonjonahbilljason and seth. [if you want your kid to be a good comedian, name him jason] 
pete's dragon: sometimes i look at a movie, and if i can't remember the end, then that's the one i watch. that's how i picked this movie out. this was a favorite to watch when i went to my mamaw and papaw's house growing up. this one's musical moments are fun and some of the songs sung by helen reddy are almost like lullabies.
the swan princess: another good 90's film. and one my brother and i watched A LOT when we were kids. i forgot how good this one is, and it has good songs, too.
whew, that was a lot, i know. [sorry]
treasure movies! [from my own collection] fool's gold is a staple movie for me. it's one of my favorites, and i've watched it tons, and tons of times. it's just a fun, looking-for-buried-treasure type of movie. so naturally i still had treasure on the brain when i picked out national treasure to watch next. this is another one i have watched tons, and tons of times. i also really enjoy i good history flick. it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. [no matter how many times you've watched it.] 
look at this bunch of great movies. [from my own collection] the intern: this is one of those movie that when i watched it for the first time, i didn't like it. but the second time [and all the other times after] i loved it. i'm not a big anne hathaway fan. who is, right? but i will say, i like a lot of the characters she portrays. and i do like who she plays in this movie. also, when robert deniro's character continues to look at his email, and doesn't have any emails yet, is like so sad, but endearing. this is one of my fav movies that i actually watch quite often.
american hustle: a based-on-a-true-story type of movie. and i always enjoy those kinds of movies. this story though is so wild that it almost doesn't seem true. and i do not like jennifer lawrence is this movie at all. her character is so damn annoying and honestly, it just doesn't seem believable.
a knight's tale: one of my all-time favorite classics right here. i love [and miss] heath ledger. can y'all believe it's been 10 years since his death? also, i SO LOVE the music in this film. it is ON POINT.
the lone ranger: another good disney film. [in my opinion] a lot of people didn't like this film when it first came out. but i LOVE IT! the train sequence at the end is wonderfully choreographed with the music. and it is also one of my all time favorite movie successions. 
clue: an oldey, but a goody. i have no clue [pun intended] why i like this film so much. i just do! and it's another one that i watch all of the time. 
water for elephants: a fabulously written film. it's just so magical. i love stories about circuses and magic shows. i guess that's why i am TOO excited to see this movie.
pan: i never fully watched this one till recently. i told myself, this was it, once and for all. i was going to watch the whole movie. and i actually really LIKED IT! i don't know why it took me so long to sit down and watch it beginning to end. it's a creative story and could be set up for multiple films; which i think they signed on for but with the box office numbers not being exactly high, i don't know if a sequel will ever be made. at the end of the film, when peter is flying with the fairies, {see example here} it is literally the worst camera shot ever. it reminds me of old superman movies. it's just so unnatural from the way the "real" peter pan flies. every other peter pan movie, the actor who plays peter flies with such a lithe ease. even robin williams. i guess for this 2015 adaption, their choice for peter could have been cast better. another reason i don't think there will be a sequel: the actor who plays peter is now actually a young adult. peter pan never grows up...yeah don't think they actually thought that one through.
peter pan: naturally, after watching pan, i wanted to watch another pan movie. this is one of the best ones out there besides the animated one and the robin williams one, of course. i think wendy and michael were badly cast. i didn't like how they portrayed these memorable roles. also, not a fan of peter's costume; it could have been executed way better. 
so, like i said, i've been working on this post for awhile now. and i have watched more movies since i started working on this here post, but i don't wanna overwhelm y'all with tons and tons of movies-galore. so i'm adding my books next, and IF i have time or IF i feel up to it at the end, i'll add those movies in. we'll see. like i said, my eyes are trying to make a dash to snoozeville so who knows where these hands will take me.
for now...on to the THE BOOKS:
i just couldn't help myself. after reading HP books 3-7 i just figured i might as well read the first and second books to finish the set. and also because i wasn't ready to say goodbye to all the wonderful characters that makes harry potter one of the...well, maybe THE best book series, ever. i actually found this beautiful watercolor print on instagram that i would totally hang up in a nice room in my own house. check it:
so pretty, right?
goddess of the rose was SO amazingly good! i read it in less than two days. i just could not put it down. definitely one of the best books i have read [so far] this year. it reminded me of the wonderful, enchanting story telling that was the first goddess summoning book i read.
scarlet rain was so insane, suspenseful and just fascinating. kristin cast is easily following in her mother's footsteps when it comes to story telling. too bad it was a pretty short novel.
so, i wasn't a big fan of goddess of light or goddess of spring so i wasn't sure whether goddess of love would be any better; even though goddess of the sea [the first book] and goddess of the rose [the fourth book] were both absolutely spectacular. then i read goddess of love's prologue and it was so uninteresting that i didn't wanna read any further. so i read other books instead until i was out of books to read and only had this one left. as soon as i started chapter one, i was immediately hooked. this one was SO GOOD, too! i loved the characters and the message behind the book: in order to really love others we must first love ourselves. and as women, we should build each other up; instead of tearing each other down. there were all kinds of different "lessons" wrapped in with these more real characters that are featured in this particular goddess book as opposed to the others.
warrior rising is another goddess summoning book that completely enraptured me. mythology + history + pc cast's brilliant mind = creative genius and another favorite book in my heart's library. just a remarkable story.
goddess of legend is another one that combines mythology with history. and another story that pulled me in at the first chapter. this was the last one of the goddess summoning series. [for now, anyway] and these books don't necessary have to be read in order either. the goddess summoning series, which is more mythology-romance based are much different than the normal fantasy/action packed novels i usually read. but i'm loving all this mythology i've learned/am learning from pc cast's goddess summoning series, kristin cast's the escaped series and michelle madow's elementals series. i don't ever remember learning even an ounce of greek mythology in school; which just shows once again how shitty my high school education was. the nlr public school system sucks! MAJORLY. still wish my mom would've put me in private school like i begged for her to do for me in the 10th grade. course, my pleas were do to bullying and not hopeful wishes to further my education.
stalking jack the ripper wasn't as fast paced as i like my books to be but it was still a good read even though the ending was so far out there and basically absurd. even for a fictional novel. 
caraval was absolutely MAGICAL! it had my imagination running on overdrive trying to keep up with all the topsy-turvey and sensationalism that is all over every page in this book. i wasn't a fan of the main character, but she eventually grew on me. it was pretty confusing and definitely crazy towards the end but i was still very much intrigued with how it would end. also, the clues...were WAY confusing. when she "figured" one out, it was so out there that i didn't see how in the hell that was the clue. like, they weren't even clues at all. also, tella is a brat and her own dumbassness [yep, that's a word] gets her in just all kinds of trouble. dumb kid.
i devoured a shade of vampire in two days.
the darkest minds was so, so, SO INTERESTING. i loved alexandra bracken's writing. she explained everything with such full detail and elegantly written sentences. this one was a page tuner. a i-can't-put-this-book-down-to-save-my-life kind of novel. it had me hanging on, word for word, from the beginning sentence to the ending sentence. i definitely bought the second book asap. [it's the book i'm currently reading now] i also LOVED that this book was a thick one, too. and pages as paper-thinned as the bible's. my fav books always end up being the big, fat, thick ones. i mean, "i like big books and i cannot lie. you other readers can't deny. when i book comes in with a thick long spine, and a pretty book cover in your face, you get SPRUNG!" this isn't just one of the best books i have read this year; this is THE BEST book i have read [so far] this year.
i like that bella forrest uses multiple character's point of views. it gives me a better grasp of the story when authors divide the chapters up between others in the book. she also writes about character's memories, so we get a better understanding of that character, and how they are important to the story.
i devoured a blaze of sun in one day.
a gate of night i also read in one day. this series just gets crazier and crazier. it feels like bella is literally just making it up as she goes along. and each shift in the story is even wilder than the last. but i can't help but find it all very captivating. it is probably the most outlandishly written vampire series i have ever read. and i've read a lot of vampire fantasy books.
the last book in this series. as well as the shortest one. and she completely rushed through the entire built-up ending. the ending we've all been anticipated, and she rushes through it at full speed? not cool, bella. not cool! i hate when authors do this to their books, to their readers. and i've noticed this kinda happens a lot. it happened in in this series. i did enjoy/like the happily ever after, but i would have liked it more if it hadn't raced to tell me the ending. anyways, the a shade of vampire book series is the FIRST full series i have read this year. and bella forrest has other series branching off from this series that i will definitely be picking up. and, soon.
this is the book i am currently reading now. the second book in the darkest minds series. naturally, I AM LOVIN IT so far. it's just a very, very good series. and the movie for the first book comes out this fall. boo-yah!
WOOO!! i know, i know, that was A LOT to cover. but i was getting way behind on updating y'all on my two favorite hobbies. the day is passing by pretty quickly here. there for a minute, my eyes were feeling so loopy, i didn't know if i was going to make it. but i got my second wind from somewhere. and now, i'm just as hungry as i am tired, but i'm still feeling sickly to my stomach and i swear there ain't nothing that sounds good. and i brought pizza for lunch...PIZZA! yea, something's definitely wrong with me if i can eat pizza. all i know is i am ready to get off work and get on home. i would like to get outta the house and DO something this weekend, especially now that the weather is warmer, but i keep hearing talks of rain. i swear this rain! we are getting way too much in my opinion. so. here's to hoping it won't rain till monday. happy weekend, party people.
 "you know what? i do apply myself everyday, mom. i work my ass of burying dead people. okay? i'm only 26. i'm not in any rush. what's your rush for? just let me be. i don't rush you."
[garden state]